0411 morning summary 100 abstruse Cereal Contest

100 abstruse Cereal Contest, today entered the third day


details, please refer to

, http://s.bag2008.zhan.cn.yahoo.com/apps/album/piclist.html, module_id=24300000009395& album_id=5647& property_id=1& owner_id=8224300000188577& album_title=0411%E6%99%A8

This is today morning 9

collected data, simple analysis as follows:

‘s data from Baidu:

top three has been integrated site news / forums occupy, specifically for the contest produced web site without three strong,


, while Google’s data show


site has occupied the top three, the focus here said a lower top, a fictitious company 100 abstruse cereal company, nice


welcome to visit the Olympic Valley Baidu Olympic Google, the daily reported


http://s.bag2008.zhan.cn.yahoo.com  more contest 100 abstruse cereal Forum: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-193-1.html