Desolation a helpless little stationmaster gave a letter to Baidu

Baidu Hello,


I am a small webmaster, I am not learning the network, I am not a master of industry, but I like the network, so embarked on the road to the station.

after several years of exploration, after years of efforts, mastered a number of site knowledge. Recently, that’s why I made a movie station this year, because the threshold of the movie station is low, so I enter the game quickly. I know I have to stand by Baidu, but I don’t know how to SEO, so the website has not been able to flow. Listen to many friends say to do a IP, thousands of standing is very simple. But I really can’t reach it. I think it’s very close to my life. Because I am an honest man, I do not know how to take advantage of the loophole, I do not know how to drill Baidu loopholes, so I honestly do the station.

I have more than 2000 movie station data, are their own hard with both hands and the hands, because I heard that the updated data more easily than Baidu, I have been collecting, if the acquisition of my movie station can also have tens of thousands of data and the other, but I insisted that I didn’t.

my choice of movies is what the user needs, so I read Baidu’s charts to see if there are any hot movies. QQ group is also built, so that users can make comments, this is my idea, I did the same. But it hasn’t worked very well all along. I suspect that is not the way I have problems, I also observed other movie station, also pay attention to the practice of others, but also Baidu, also in behind, stationmaster net shopping, know some website promotion way. So I’m going to study SEO and plan to do the movie station traffic. Before this movie I stand Baidu to 100IP day (laugh). The total IP is only 200-300, and the nearest highest is only 400.

I combined with other people’s practice, began to add advertising alliance, began to join the film Search Union, so received some effect. So far, I added 3 league, and my station flow is low, the Union gave me more than 100 IP a day, but I know the effect, so I work harder to add movies, and some time to add late at night. Some time, in order to find a movie with the user can not afford to eat.


, I used someone else’s Marx movie program, there are some data, just in the station soon, Baidu searched thousands of pages, happy. But there are some problems, I changed the program for the cloud. I eat the loss, Baidu page dropped lower and lower, but the page is not lost. After two months, I manually updated the insistence that movie data changed, and Baidu was paying attention to me as well.

I can show you the data and see the history. The result was in May 30th, when I introduced my movie station to my friend, just during my hard time, just when I was confident. Baidu changed me to 0. I’m weak: I don’t know why. My station is blocked.

up to now, I don’t know what the reason is. I’ve been taken over by a small station chief