Shanghai rushed Liu Xiaoguang seize the opportunity in the economic crisis

in January 11, 2009, by the Shanghai Owners Association, China Fukuoka, calmly co sponsored by 365, caifutong, net results NSFocus, Chinese net, Gu Le nail network and a number of units, Chinese red Union, as marketing planning agencies, online press releases and other partners to jointly support. Carrying a lot of glory and dream China grass-roots Internet Conference, will be the first Shanghai Cultural Festival to a climax and small website gorgeous closing. A total of 1000 colleagues from more than 800 sites participate in the conference, the theme of the web site for the upper and lower search. The following is a record of a speech by Liu Xiaoguang, the founder of Shanghai, at the conference.


first of all, thank you very much for Wang Chenyun, and for all the friends here, and to tell you the truth, when I drove to Jiaotong University, I felt very friendly when I entered the school gate. In fact, the company rushed out of the seeds in the big playground outside the University of National Chiao Tung, was in 1998 6 and July, three people together in the grass on the tea, and then produced the rush of the company. Wang Chenyun has said, we must speak a little too the day today.

I take out my family things, I hope to help all of you partner, rushed to 2009 for 11 years, just after 10th anniversary, I have 10 years of entrepreneurial pressure bottom of things to share with you, hope you good to survive the economic crisis.

the topic of my speech is "how to seize the opportunity in the economic crisis"". Talking about the economic crisis, in front of a few guests may have said, I am here quick overview of recent, from 2008 to participate in many forums, listening to lectures by many economists, finally I got the words of this round of economic crisis how deep, how far, I put the conclusion of things I hear with you to share.

this round of economic crisis is not short-term, but long-term, absolutely not a year or two can be passed, and may need three years to five years. From the economic theory, an economic cycle is four stages, the first stage we called boom boom after entering a recession, the recession after entering a period of Xiao Xiao, later period is the recovery period. So, which stage of the global economic crisis in China? After analysis or in a recession?. There is a small period in the decline. If you use letters to indicate that it is neither V nor L, it is most likely a U or a W. The time at the bottom is about three to five years. So, this economic crisis has a profound impact on every one of us, the lives of everyone present.

I just came back from Xiamen, in Xiamen, I look carefully, because of the economic crisis in the south of broad, I specifically asked about the taxi, I said we have no influence by the economic crisis in Xiamen. The taxi driver said, "well, the influence of my brother is too great. I don’t have a good business right now.". He said some time ago that Xia Xing Gong >