No matter how tall you flow don’t forget you are a son too

What does

webmaster care most about IP PV pr


busy struggle, the webmaster on the road, hard work, success on the road CEO, are the same, all the web site "parents", the site is equivalent to the son. The website has caught cold, also be poisoned, the stationmaster feels as if the son is ill, same heartache, the website is not good-looking, hasten to dress up, fear others to say your son is ugly, love to the website is equivalent to the love of the son. Many webmaster bustling about struggle, hard fighting, selfless work, dedication and struggle, the spirit is commendable, in our efforts, the son of the tall, long beautiful (PV high art do fine), slowly popularity there, we are very pleased. Very happy. Found the feeling of being a parent.

, think about whether we are the same parenting web site, and our parents are actually webmasters.

What should

webmaster care most about


webmaster webmaster brother, sister, when our son was tall, pretty, we are happy, we look at who let us have the opportunity to understand website production, who let us read a book, who gave us the chance to sit in front of the computer, I suddenly think of the parents, the parent is, they also with the sun’s sweat, for many of our webmaster today.


that aging parents, have no time to hear our voice, had not seen for a long time we like, because we are waiting in front of the computer, my mother received a phone call: "fly, you really so busy? Don’t remember my mother, mother 60……". Son speechless, tears brim over with tears.

, I suddenly remembered that we should be the webmaster’s most concerned about the website, it should be our mother!


although I feel filial piety, I must be filial children from childhood, but I failed to do so. For the sake of my career, I haven’t made a phone call to my mother for a long time. Mother received a phone call, tears filled her eyes, feeling the mother’s love is too little, from the day before the mother called the phone, I decided that I should most concerned about is not the site, it should be mom.

webmaster, you PV high flow more, you are a son,

Ding Lei, Robin Li, Ma Yun is also a webmaster, career management, site management, so we grassroots webmaster, our website that a higher PV flow more, we also don’t forget, we still have an identity, we are the sons of the mother.

don’t forget our website PV also have mom and dad’s credit, they propped up the house, gave us a hard time and opportunity, so we webmaster whenever and wherever they want, we are not only a webmaster, our father or the mother son.

!What does

webmaster think about


what are we trying to do, not only for ourselves, but also for the next generation?