Talk about my personal views on the domain name and my domain name career

I was in 1998 to the Internet, then only know how to chat with people, can be regarded as a geek, contact the domain name in early 2001 is the basic thing, then do not understand the investment domain, but often go to some websites, we also know that playing games is going to play good games, especially behind the play wonder, sometimes a day for a game, then it is basically a day off, so we have to go to the website search game.

In 2006,

began to intervene in the domain name, but not the hype, because I and friends to open the game Sifu – miracle, open game, to rent a server, do set up, and then find a domain name to the IP, so that it can release the advertisement, the game opened half a year, the second half of 2006, because the project is too busy stop, play games, the game is almost half a year earned 50 thousand, and will play more than 30 thousand games, because more than the domain name registered, lost unfortunately, it can not query the domain name transaction, Charles does not know, the original domain name and record the transaction price, especially COM, are there are millions of transactions, then feel good, the investment domain development, information began to search the domain name, domain name view part of the transaction price, to get to know it.

was advertising fire is Chinese domain, then spread Chinese, also belong to the early stage, the game also earned some money, began to put into Chinese domain, Chinese things can’t come, as long as you can think of, there will be such a domain name, so a lot of Chinese registered domain name, until a better understanding of the domain name behind it, a lot of Chinese I have been lost, lost more than 5000 of the capital Chinese meters.

until today, the domain name is about, that is when I made a lot of tuition only learned, 2007 is China Netcom and telecom merger, my project also stopped, start a real domain career, which is the basic professional domain is playing computer, every time at least not less than 15 hours is up at 9 in the morning began to play the computer, see the domain name registration. To rest before 12 at night, think of is really hard, then in the domain name city (corn town) began to study, two registered, also know a good domain name was registered, but registered, registered really exciting, we should all have this kind of feeling, that time is registered the last few minutes is very exciting, grab the last moment that is very excited, in 2007, a year is also very professional, not only in the domain name cybersquatting, in the city, but also kept at the post, because they sell the domain name, domain name on the thread who first sold, I love the name of grab particularly fast.

of course not always optimistic about their own domain name must be a good domain name, really want to play to play the domain, you must input, only to grab a sell, earn money, it means you are right, sometimes grab the domain name, feel good, the results also sell at a loss. So, like everyone else, I came out of the domain name. What am I?