Under the financial crisis what websites will fire

With the impact of the financial crisis in the United States,

continues to face great challenges in China’s economy as a whole. From the traditional Internet industry, the news of layoffs is more and more, the imminent collapse of the company is also emerging, everyone on the whole economic situation is a concern, the enterprise is also ready to tighten their belts, cotton padded clothes, ready for the winter. In the face of winter, is not all Internet companies will feel a cold, I think it certainly is not, because no matter what the economic situation, there are always a good form of industry and poor form of industry. Next, let’s guess what kind of website will fire at this time of the economy, for personal reference purposes only – -)

in the face of the economic crisis, people began tightening of funds, reduce unnecessary spending, it can help people save money website will certainly fire, which is the most direct preferential information, electronic coupon sites, like web search (www.xoovoo.com), kupengwang, these websites to help people save money for the purpose of providing. The local discount information, electronic coupons, so that people can take less money to buy more affordable things must be welcomed by the people. It is understood that the recent Web search traffic in the case without any promotion has nearly doubled.

second is classified information websites, such as 58 city, go to market, people network, reputation network, etc.. Under the economic crisis, people begin to save money, not before things can be sold through the network, converted into cash, and some things you can buy second-hand goods, as a temporary solution needs, and to not have a lot of money, like the rental information is very active. According to reports, word-of-mouth network before entering Alexa for the first time 1000, this is China’s first access to the top 1000 Alexa classified information website. We have reason to believe that similar websites will become more and more traffic.

third kinds of fire is online shopping website, such as CToC Taobao, pat Network, do BToC Jingdong mall, VANCL, red children, veteran books website Dangdang and excellence. This kind of electronic commerce website by reducing inventory, reduce marketing costs, people can buy the same thing with cheaper price, like online 60, 70 block and more than 100 shirts in the mall shirt, there is not much difference in quality. And e-commerce is more and more accepted by more and more people, so e-commerce is bound to be the future trend of development.

in the face of economic crisis, there are stagnant industries, there are booming industries, but no matter that area, there will be winter, but winter time is not the same. So for an entrepreneur, or an enterprise, it is important for you to choose what kind of industry in what time, and you can in this industry than competitors with less production cost, higher quality products, or to provide better service, the only way you can stand in the industry. For others, winter faces the risk of closing down, but it’s just a chance for you to upgrade your industry, because winter >