USChina relations near new low amid trade battle

WASHINGTON — The U.S. and China have gone through rough patches before.The American public recoiled — and the U.S. government imposed sanctions — after the People’s Liberation Army slaughtered hundreds of civilians in the streets of Beijing in June 1989, crushing the Tiananmen Square protests.Ordinary Chinese were outraged 10 years later when the Americans bombed China’s embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, rejecting the U.S. insistence that it was an accident.And tensions crackled when China detained an American Navy flight crew following the midair collision of a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese fighter in 2001.But U.S.-Chinese relations may be testing a new low.“The United States and China are on a collision course,” the Asia Society concluded in an assessment of the two countries’ relations in February. “The foundations of goodwill that took decades to build are rapidly breaking down.”Likewise, Michael Swaine of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace declared in January that “the U.S.-China relationship is confronting its most daunting challenge in the 40 years since the normalization of relations. Current trends portend steadily worsening relations over the long haul.”The world’s two biggest economies are engaged in the bitterest trade war since the 1930s. President Donald Trump more than doubled import taxes on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods Friday — the same day that U.S. and Chinese negotiators ended their 11th round of trade talks without reaching an agreement. After the Chinese left town, the U.S. announced plans to target the $300 billion in Chinese goods that don’t already face tariffs.But the widening divide between Washington and Beijing goes beyond trade.China is engaging in a massive military buildup. It is flexing its maritime muscle, claiming ownership of the South China Sea and disregarding the territorial claims of its neighbours and a 2016 ruling by the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea. It is cracking down on political dissent in its ostensibly autonomous region of Hong Kong. And it is turning up pressure on Taiwan, an island that enjoys de facto political independence but which Beijing views as a renegade province that must one day reunite with the motherland.Under President Xi Jinping, who took office in 2012, the Communist Party has grown increasingly repressive. In the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in western China, it has detained up to 2 million minority Muslims and forced them to undergo reeducation. Xi himself has overturned a four-decade tradition of collective leadership in Beijing and essentially established himself as president for life.“With the large number of issues we have with China, I wouldn’t rank the trade issues so high,” said David Dollar, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former official at the World Bank and U.S. Treasury. “And I’m an economist.”The developments are a bracing rebuke to the optimists in America who assumed that China’s 2001 entry into the World Trade Organization would lead Beijing to embrace economic and perhaps political openness, that China would become more like world’s industrialized democracies.“Many countries, the U.S. being one of the prime players, gave China pretty much a bye for a number of years during the honeymoon period right after its entrance in the WTO,” said Michael Wessel, a member of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a congressionally appointed watchdog.The financial crisis and ensuing 2007-2009 Great Recession helped change the way the countries viewed themselves and each other. Suddenly, the United States looked less like the world’s invincible lone superpower and more like a deeply divided nation that had to struggle to meet the challenge of the deepest economic downturn in seven decades. China’s response was sharp contrast: It quickly enacted a massive stimulus campaign that super-charged economic growth and helped pull the entire world economy out of the ditch.Newly confident, China began to expand its ambitions. After Xi took office, Beijing announced an initiative called Made in China 2025 designed to make Chinese companies world leaders in advanced fields like robotics and artificial intelligence.But the U.S. says China is trying to meet its aspirations by cheating — stealing trade secrets, forcing foreign companies to hand over technology, subsidizing its own firms and burying in red tape foreign competitors that want to compete in the Chinese market. Those allegations are at the heart of the yearlong trade dispute that has rattled financial markets and cast a cloud over the prospects for world economic growth.In the ongoing trade talks, the U.S. is insisting that China change its ways and agree to let the United States check and enforce compliance.Andrew Nathan, a China specialist at Columbia University, said the Chinese would be perfectly willing to buy more American products and put a dent in America’s trade deficit with China, a record $379 billion last year.But abandoning their grander economic vision is another matter.“For the Chinese, the bottom line is, they can accept no effective limitation on their race to the technological summit,” Nathan said. “If you want them to bury the Made in China 2025 program, they will never stop that program, but they can stop talking about it. If you want them to stop the PLA from industrial espionage, they can make the PLA do it more secretly. … If you want them to stop ‘coerced technology transfer,’ they can change the language of the relevant rules so that the same thing happens in a less blatant manner.”The two countries have very different views of the sources of their troubles.“Many American opinion makers are starting to see China as a rising power seeking to unfairly undercut America’s economic prosperity, threaten its security, and challenge its values,” the Asia Society declared, “while their Chinese counterparts are starting to see the United States as a declining power seeking to prolong its dominance by unfairly containing China’s rise.”___Follow Paul Wiseman on Twitter at Wiseman, Jill Colvin And Zeke Miller, The Associated Press read more

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Canadian dollar falls on lower current account deficit weaker commodity prices

TORONTO — The Canadian dollar was lower Thursday amid weak commodity prices and some positive trade data.The currency was down 0.23 of a cent to 97.52 cents US.Statistics Canada reported that the country’s current account deficit on a seasonally adjusted basis decreased $800-million to $17.3-billion in the fourth quarter.The agency said that the deficit on trade in goods was reduced by $2.3-billion in the fourth quarter to $2.8-billion. It said that this largely reflected increased exports, led by energy products and by farm, fishing and intermediate food products.Total exports of goods were up $1.7-billion to $114.5-billion in the fourth quarter. Energy products accounted for $1.6-billion of this increase, led by higher prices as volumes were down.Total imports were down $600-million to $117.3-billion in the fourth quarter.The current account is the difference between a country’s total exports of goods, services and transfers, and its total imports of the same.Other data showed the U.S. economy grew instead of contracting in the fourth quarter of 2012. The first revision to the gross domestic product report showed growth of 0.1%, against the earlier read that showed a 0.1% contraction.In the background on financial markets were worries about an Italian election earlier this week which failed to yield a clear winner and the looming U.S. sequestration. That’s the name for a series of automated, across the board spending cuts of US$85-billion set to take effect Friday.The planned sequester could hit U.S. growth if no deal is reached to avoid it. Previous experience, however, suggests a last-minute deal will be cobbled together.Commodity prices were weak with April crude on the New York Mercantile Exchange down nine cents to US$92.67.April bullion was down $5 to US$1,590.70 an ounce while May copper was unchanged at US$3.57 a pound. read more

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In presidential statement Security Council condemns attacks against UN Golan force

In a presidential statement issued, the 15-nation body urged UN Member States with influence to convey strongly to non-State armed actors in the area the need for an immediate halt to all activities that endangered UN peacekeepers and impeded them in their Security Council mandated duties.The measure comes after dozens of UNDOFF troops were detained three weeks ago by armed elements of the opposition in the vicinity of Quneitra amid increased fighting in the area between Syrian Government forces and armed groups.The Council reiterated that the mandate of UNDOF and its impartiality, operations, safety and security must be respected, and called upon parties to ensure full security of its personnel and full implementation of the 1974 agreement, stressing that there could never be any justification for attacks on or the detention of United Nations peacekeepers.Noting with concern the deteriorating security situation in UNDOF’s area of operation due to the ongoing Syrian conflict and the activities of non-State armed actors, including Al-Nusra Front, and the risk it poses to the disengagement agreement and to UN peacekeepers serving there, the Council “recognizes the necessity of efforts to flexibly adjust UNDOF’s posture to minimize risk to UN personnel as UNDOF continues to implement its mandate.” read more

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Gay rights groups welcome marriage referendum plan Catholic Bishops dont

first_imgTHE BISHOP OF Kildare and Leighlin says that the same-sex marriage debate is “not about equality”.Bishop Denis Nulty says that the issue is about “the very nature of marriage itself and the importance society places on the role of mothers and fathers in bringing up children”.Nulty says that the Catholic Church will continue to argue that children “have a right to a mother and father”.He said that marriage between a man and a woman has a “special benefit” to society.“To change the nature of marriage would be to undermine it as the fundamental building block of our society,” said Nulty.He added that while Christians would treat homosexuals with “sensitivity, compassion and respect”, it was not homophobic to oppose gay marriage.“It is not lacking in sensitivity or respect for people who are homosexual however to point out that same-sex relationships are fundamentally different from opposite sex relationships and that society values the complementary roles of mothers and fathers in the generation and up-bringing of children.”The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN), however said that they were “delighted” by the cabinet’s announcement that a vote on the issue will take place in 2015.““We are delighted with the Taoiseach’s announcement of his strong support for civil marriage for lesbian and gay couples. It is a momentous and proud moment when our Taoiseach and the leader of our country endorses and supports full citizenship in the Constitution through civil marriage for lesbian and gay people” said GLEN Chair Kieran RoseWith the support of the Taoiseach and of Labour and Fine Gael in Government, and with the support of the other Political Parties, we believe that the people of Ireland will support the final step to full constitutional equality for lesbian and gay people and families in the referendum in 2015.The Justice Minister this morning said that he didn’t believe that people should be discriminated against because of their sexuality.Alan Shatter told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that the decision was “historic” and that it was a “good news story”.“I don’t think anyone would be surprised by the views of the church. The church is entitled to express its views. It is for us as politicians to address what is happening in reality in society.”Column: Let’s see a vigorous, successful campaign for marriage equalityRead: Same-sex marriage vote to be one of a number of referendums to be held in 2015Read: ‘We’ve come a long way in this country’ – Cabinet to discuss same-sex marriagelast_img read more

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St Vincents Healthcare Group called on to explain finances

first_imgST VINCENT’S HOSPITAL Group is the latest organisation to be called out in the ongoing controversy over the use of HSE funding.Fine Gael TD and member of the Public Accounts Committee Simon Harris says he is keen to “seriously question” the group on its corporate governance and pension funding.The Wicklow deputy has called on its representatives to come before the PAC to reveal the true financial state of the organisation.PAC chairman John McGuinness told that any group who is found not to be compliant with government policies on public pay in a report next week will be called to an Oireachtas committee hearing.Currently, St Vincent’s Healthcare Group is just one of a number of groups which has been found to be non-compliant.“The HSE audit into Section 38 bodies revealed that St Vincent’s had declared itself compliant, however, a letter sent by St Vincent’s to the HSE outlined that not all staff at the organisation were in line with health sector pay policy,” explained Harris.He said that he had explored the group’s accounts further, discovering a number of issues “which need to be urgently addressed”.Harris revealed that there is a “very strong ‘adverse opinion’” made by the group’s auditors on page six of its accounts for 2011.According to him, the report states that “the financial statements do not include the pension costs, pension liabilities and pension assets of those staff who are members of the Voluntary Hospitals Superannuation Scheme as required by Financial Reporting Standard 17″.“It goes on to state that due to the significance of this matter ‘the financial statements do not give a true and fair view in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in Ireland’.”Harris also questions what ‘Directors’ remuneration for other services’ of €554,377 in the 2011 accounts relates to.I am extremely concerned that a set of accounts show such a negative opinion expressed by an auditor, which in reality means that theses accounts cannot be relied upon to give a true and fair view of the financial state of the organisation.“It is also worrying that the 2011 accounts were only filed in recent weeks and that the 2012 accounts cannot be located on the Companies Registration Office website which leads me to believe that they have yet to be filed. Each of these points needs to be addressed immediately.”He also wants to know if St Vincent’s is compliant with the ‘one person-one salary’ rule, as well as the thinking behind why four of the directors of St Vincent’s Foundation are also on the board of St Vincent’s Healthcare Group.The St Vincent’s Healthcare Group did not respond at attempts by to contact it today.Since the Section 38 charity scandal came to light, fundraising at organisations has fallen by about 40 per cent.Read: Former CRC boss agrees to appear before Dáil committeeMore: Fundraising ‘down 40 per cent’ as top-up controversy continuesPoll: Has the CRC scandal affected how you give to charity?last_img read more

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The Evening Fix now with added deer on a city bus

first_imgA man jumps from a diving board into a swimming pool on a hill overlooking Kabul in Afghanistan today. The swimming pool built by the Soviets more than 30 years ago has rarely been used. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)HERE ARE THE things we learned, loved and shared today as we round off the day in three easy steps.THINGS WE LEARNED#ABORTION: Ireland can expect roughly 100 maternal deaths over the next decade and of these, just two or three could be affected by the proposed abortion legislation – that’s according to a doctor from a Limerick hospital who was speaking at the first day of the Oireachtas hearings on the planned new laws. We’ve been liveblogging the hearings all day and you can catch up here.#PENALTY POINTS: Independent TD Mick Wallace says allegations made against him by justice minister Alan Shatter on live television last night are a “serious abuse of the Minister’s powers” and that he is lodging a formal complaint. Shatter alleged that Wallace had been cautioned for driving while using a mobile phone but had avoided penalty points – but Wallace says he has no idea what Shatter was referring to. The TD says Shatter’s comments were in breach of the legally binding code of conduct for public representatives.#TEACHERS: Primary school teachers have voted to go on strike if the government decides to make cuts to their pay. The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation said its members had not taken the action lightly. The union also agreed to accept an invitation to attend talks at the Labour Relations Commission over pay.#MADELEINE MCCANN: British police have identified a handful of “people of interest” as part of the investigation into the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine McCann from Portugal in May 2007. Scotland Yard said a review of the case had brought up new leads which will be explored further.#SEXUAL ASSAULT: A man in his 60s has been arrested in Waterford over allegations of sexual assaults which took place in the 1980s.#MAGDALENES: The Justice for Magdalenes group has announced it is to end its political campaign, saying it believes it has achieved all it can by way of political advocacy. The group, which began in 2009, had campaigned for an apology from the Irish State and a compensation scheme for survivors.THINGS WE LOVED(AP Photo/Kin Cheung)This looks inexplicably appealing. People stick their heads out from holes in a large piece of fabric as part of an exhibition in Hong Kong today. Hopefully no-one farted.Over the course of 10 days in November 1983, the United States and the Soviet Union nearly started a nuclear war over a military exercise – something that was kept quiet for almost 30 years and only came out in newly declassified documents over the past few days. This piece from Wired notes that a single false alarm or miscalculation could easily have brought on Armageddon.Not to make you feel like an underachiever or anything, but here’s the story of an 8o-year-old who wants to become the oldest man to climb Mount Everest. Well that’s… ginormous. The art work, called ‘Untitled’ is on display at a museum in Berlin from today. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber). THINGS WE SHAREDYou’ve seen Sean Combs (aka P Diddy, aka Puff Daddy) in Downton Abbey, right? RIGHT? Even if you don’t like the period drama, this is still funny. Best bit: when he rejects (and then accepts) the advances of Thomas. Or maybe when he tries to get Lady Grantham and Mrs Crawley to kiss.This poor deer crashed through the front window of a city bus in Pennsylvania and then panicked when it couldn’t get out. Don’t worry though: in an article accompanying the piece, a local newspaper quotes a spokesperson for the bus company who said that the deer managed to just walk off the bus after the driver opened the doors. Phew.(Video: TribuneDemocrat/YouTube)last_img read more

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Electric Lightwave sale official jobs cut at Vancouver site

first_imgAround 40 local jobs at Electric Lightwave have been eliminated after its new Colorado-based owners took over Wednesday.The layoffs were confirmed in an email by Shannon Paulk, a spokeswoman for new owner Zayo Group. Twenty percent of the company’s nearly 1,200 workers will be laid off, she said, and 10 percent of its Washington staff.Before the layoffs, 440 people worked at Electric Lightwave’s offices in the Fisher’s Landing neighborhood, she said, with another 60 or so working in offices in Kent and Spokane. Paulk said all impacted employees were offered severance packages, and around 400 Vancouver workers were offered jobs with the new company.Parts of the company will be absorbed into other divisions of Zayo Group Holdings Inc.Electric Lightwave, formerly Integra, has offices in 10 states, including one in Portland.The Columbian reached out to employees for comment but did not hear back by press time.The $1.4 billion deal was first announced in November. The deal overall creates a bigger footprint for Zayo, a telecom infrastructure company with more than $2 billion in revenues.The company has 115,400 miles of fiber-optic cable in North America and Europe, supplying rapid communications between organizations and companies.last_img read more

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Immigration Concerns Highlighted at Public Press Conference

first_img Beaches puts former Premier on blast about controversial pier Border Control Minister meets with local Haitian Officials Related Items:detention center, illegal immigration, premier rufus ewing Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 09 Sept 2015 – While there were some serious matters on the agenda at Monday nights Public Press Conference, there was a slight moment of laughter as the Premier told Turks and Caicos Islanders to walk with their status cards as they too could be picked up by immigration officers and sent to the Detention Center. But it is no laughing matter, as Hon. Rufus Ewing weighed in on the recent immigration raids targeting illegal migrants. Ewing said officers have beefed up patrols during the past few weeks in response to the illegal immigration problem in the Turks and Caicos Islands.The Premier said that “some Turks and Caicos Islanders were pulled over in jitneys, they were not carrying proper identification so they were placed in the Detention Center; it was humiliating. He advised TCIslanders to walk with their Belonger Card and those with Work Permits should do the same, otherwise you will be collected and put in the Detention Center because they’re trying to clean up the streets.”Hon. Ewing said the TCI must step up its defense by providing additional resources and manpower to fight illegal immigration. Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Bishop says peace & prosperity is everybody’s responsibility at Law Enforcers Church Servicelast_img read more

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Ann Keil

first_imgBe sure to check out her personal blog at and follow her on social media where she stays active. Story ideas are always welcome!Twitter: ann_keilFacebook: Ann KeilCopyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ann Keil was excited to join WSVN in October 2015. As a tenacious reporter with an eye for issues of importance, she knows she is a part of the right team.Follow @ann_keilBefore moving back to her hometown of Miami, Ann was a special projects reporter at WOFL-TV in Orlando, FL where she regularly tackled exposés centered around societal concerns including immigration policy, hate groups, and repeat sex offenders among others. She also introduced a series to aid in the search for missing people.She spent the three years prior in Indianapolis, Indiana as a city beat reporter and fill-in anchor at FOX59 where she was awarded an Emmy for an in-depth investigation into an emergency medical alert system. During her time there, she received Emmy nods for her live coverage of a decorated police officer’s funeral and devastating tornadoes.Ann got her start at WATE-TV in Knoxville, TN. Beyond her duties as a general assignment reporter, she tackled multiple investigative pieces on the coal mining industry in both Tennessee and West Virginia as well as a massive coal ash spill aftermath.Ann studied journalism and political science at Boston University. Then, she attended American University in Washington, D.C., where she earned a master’s degree in Journalism and Public Affairs.In her spare time, Ann loves to be outdoors in the South Florida sunshine especially if she can head to the keys for an all day fishing trip! She spends as much time as she can with family. She loves taking pictures, getting involved with area non-profits, painting, cooking, and blogging. last_img read more

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CBI to search Arabian sea for weapon used to kill Narendra

first_imgPune: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday informed the Pune court that it has got a clearance from Maharashtra’s environment ministry to conduct a search operation in the depths of the Arabian sea to find out the weapon used to murder rationalist Narendra Dabholkar. The request to conduct a search in the Arabian sea was pending for clearance from the ministry. A foreign company has been given a contract to conduct the operation. Also Read – Congress MLA Shivakumar moves High Court seeking protection from arrest Advertise With Us Dabholkar was shot dead by bike-borne men while returning home from a morning walk on August 20, 2013. Advocate Sanjeev Punalekar, an accused in Dabholkar murder case, has been charged with helping Sharad Kalskar, who had allegedly shot the rationalist, in dismantling the weapons. Last month, Punalekar was granted bail by Pune sessions court on a surety amount of Rs 30,000.last_img read more

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Towing Fees Another Burden On Houston Flood Victims

first_img 00:00 /01:40 Listen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share Andrew SchneiderCars abandoned 288 near Binz Street on Monday, April 18, 2016.Regina Wright lives at the Arbor Court apartment complex in Greenspoint.She said last Monday morning, her father-in-law pounded on her and her husband’s bedroom door.“‘Hey, hey, it’s flooding again, move the cars.’ We had to drive the cars through the water and trying to get to safety,” Wright said. “One of the cars we had to park on the property of Arbor Court in the grass. The other vehicle, which is a truck, we had to park on Hardy Toll Road.”The water didn’t get to the truck, but a wrecker did, and Wright is now stuck with the towing fee. She said she isn’t the only one.“We have a lot of people stranded,” Wright said. “They’re having to pay $245 just to go get their vehicle, and we’ve lost everything. Some don’t even have IDs to even go to show to say, hey, this is my car.”The Houston Police Department said as of Friday, SafeClear wreckers have towed 562 abandoned vehicles since the beginning of the flood.Mayor Sylvester Turner said there’s not much the city can do to relieve flood victims whose cars got towed.“No-one is taken advantage of. I don’t want that to happen,” he said. “But these are private companies, private businesses. But, you know, we’ll certainly take a look at it.”Turner is calling on towing companies to consider the circumstances of those who lost everything in the flood and didn’t have a choice in where to put their cars.If your car was towed in Houston, you can go to to locate it.You will have to have your driver’s license to prove you’re the owner when you pick it up.The standard tow rate for abandoned cars is $155.50, but storage fees apply after the first 48 hours. Xlast_img read more

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Researchers study the opaque accretion disk of Beta Lyrae A

first_imgPhase coverage of spectro-interferometric observations of β Lyr acquired by different instruments. δ denotes the relative declination (positive toward the north), and α the relative right ascension (positive toward the east). The black line shows the size and orientation of the β Lyr orbit in the sky, the blue dots show orbital phases corresponding to NPOI observations, the magenta dots to CHARA/VEGA observations, the green dots to CHARA/MIRC observations acquired in 2013, and the red dots to CHARA/MIRC observations acquired in 2006/2007. An arbitrary vertical shift of 0.2 mas is added to separate the various orbits. Credit: Mourard et al., 2018. Located some 1,000 light years away from the Earth, Beta Lyrae is a multiple star system consisting of at least one star in close orbit to another star or two or more stars orbiting a central point. One of its components, Beta Lyrae A, is a bright binary of spectral type B. It has an effective temperature of 13,300 K and a steadily increasing orbital period of 12.94 days. The binary is currently in a phase of rapid mass exchange with the mass-losing component (donor) being the less massive (about 2.9 solar masses) than its companion (about 13.3 solar masses).Given that the donor has transferred most of its mass over to its companion, the secondary star is now more massive and exhibits an accretion disk created from this mass transfer. However, the disk blocks the view of the companion, making it difficult for observers to unveil the detailed properties of this star.Studying Beta Lyrae A, including its disk, could therefore be essential for astronomers to better understand mass exchange in close binaries. Thus, a group of astronomers led by Denis Mourard of the University of Côte d’Azur in France, has performed an analysis of the available data obtained during visible and infrared spectro-interferometric observations of Beta Lyrae A.”A series of continuum visible and NIR spectro-interferometric observations by the NPOI, CHARA/MIRC and VEGA instruments covering the whole orbit of β Lyr A acquired during a two-week campaign in 2013 were complemented with UBVR photometric observations acquired during a three-year monitoring of the system. We included NUV and FUV observations from OAO A-2, IUE, and Voyager satellites,” the researchers wrote in the paper.Based on the observational data, Mourard’s team tested various models of the disk. They found that the opaque parts of the accretion disk have the outer radius of about 30 solar radii, the semithickness of approximately 6.5 solar radii (for “slab” and “wedge” shape models), or equivalently the scale-height multiplication factor of 4.3 (for “nebula” model). Moreover, the researchers estimate that the minimum mass of the disk should be between 0.0001 and 0.001 solar masses. When it comes to the parameters of the Beta Lyrae A system, they found that its orbital inclination is 93.5 degrees. They also measured the probable distance to the binary – about 1,042 light years.In concluding remarks, the researchers revealed that they plan to publish further analyses of the Beta Lyrae A binary, focused mainly on the optically thin circumstellar medium in the system. “Using a series of spectroscopic and spectro-interferometric observations of strong emission lines we intend to resolve and describe the structure and kinematics of the optically thin medium within this remarkable system. Consequently, it should be possible to better determine the radial profiles of the disk atmosphere,” the authors of the paper noted. An international team of astronomers has conducted a study of the opaque accretion disk of the multiple star system known as Beta Lyrae A (β Lyr A for short). The research reveals important insights into nature of this disk and also discloses some parameters of the system. The study was presented in a paper published July 12 on © 2018 Journal information: Astronomy & Astrophysics Astronomers detect a doubly eclipsing quadruple star systemcenter_img More information: Physical properties of β Lyr A and its opaque accretion disk, Astronomy & Astrophysics manuscript no. bl22saga Explore further Citation: Researchers study the opaque accretion disk of Beta Lyrae A (2018, July 23) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Mezcal Mexicos new revolution

first_imgMezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of agave plant native to Mexico. Once considered ‘cheap fire water,’ the agave-based alcohol has now become one of the country’s most popular liquors.Source: BBClast_img

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first_img 0 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Your browser does not support the audio element. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo LISTEN: Mike Sando, ESPN NFL Insider center_img Top Stories The Arizona Cardinals are undoubtedly still devising their plan to replace linebacker Daryl Washington, who will miss the entire 2014 season because of a drug suspension handed down Friday.They are big shoes to fill, no doubt. But one NFL insider thinks even though Washington’s absence will be an issue, the pressure is on another Cardinals unit this upcoming season.“I think the offense in Arizona is the most important thing,” ESPN’s Mike Sando told Doug and Wolf Monday on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “It was much better in the second half of last year, I think quietly so. I think Carson Palmer was much better. “I think that is going to be even more important now — that Bruce Arians’ stamp on that side of the ball pays off and takes pressure off the defense so they don’t have to carry it every week like it felt like they did at times early in the year.”Sando’s assessment is statistically proven. In the first half of 2014, the Cardinals averaged 20 points and 314.5 yards per contest. Those numbers jumped up to 27.4 points and 378.3 yards per game after their Week 9 bye. Turnovers were also down substantially from 2.3 per game in the season’s first half to 1.6 per contest in Weeks 10-17.Sando believes that improvement was not an anomaly.“I kind of trust Bruce Arians to have the offense going,” he said. “They’re going to miss Daryl Washington. The defense may not be quite as good, certainly at that position, but that’s not the whole team, either and that’s not the whole part of their plan. “The offense, to me, has to take the next step, and it started to last year.” Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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Qataris refuse to be bowed by blockade

first_imgBy Evie AndreouThe blockade imposed on Qatar by its neighbouring countries and Egypt has not affected its relations with Cyprus which continue to develop, the country’s ambassador to Nicosia, Sultan Al-Mahmoud has told the Sunday Mail in an interview.Almost three months after Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates decided to cut off diplomatic and consular relations and close all land, sea and air ports with Qatar, the small peninsular Gulf country, has been able to recover swiftly by seeking alternative markets to import goods and avoid shortages, he said.These measures include importing some 4,000 cows to help meet milk demand and arranging to import foodstuff from Turkey and Iran.“You may have followed the speech delivered by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, and his assertion that the Qataris have been subjected to an unprecedented blockade in international relations. However, life has been going on in Qatar since the beginning of the blockade,” the ambassador said. “The daily lives of Qataris and residents have not been affected, although the blockade was a surprise and in violation of international humanitarian law and all the customs of the region and of humanity as a whole.Sultan Al-Mahmoud“The Qatari government has been able to provide all the needs of life quickly and without scarcity of goods or affecting services so that some of the parties from the four countries were very disappointed,” the ambassador said.But the social impact of the blockade has been truly regrettable, the ambassador said, as family relations have been cut and mixed families prevented from communicating with their relatives. The blockade is “punishing our citizens in a way that did not observe the traditions of the Gulf people and their noble morals”.The blockade has also directly affected the lives of a large number of Qatari nationals, as violations of the rights to freedom of movement, residence and private property have been recorded in the blockading countries, the ambassador said. Thousands of Qataris who own buildings, companies and businesses in these countries have been forced to leave within 14 days.A total of 6,474 violations of the right to family reunification were recorded involving Qatari men married to Saudi, Emirati and Bahraini wives and Qatari women married to men from these three countries.The blockade has also affected the education sector, where a large number of Qatari students had to leave the blockading countries and were not allowed to complete their final exams.But crucially, according to ambassador Al-Mahmoud, the blockade has not affected Qatar’s economy. “As you know, our economy is based on a solid base of $340 billion in cash reserves […]. With this balance and monetary reserves, Qatar can face all the challenges and emerge stronger and more dignified among the developed nations,” he said.He said that Qatar will continue to implement its ambitious plans at all levels, including in the aviation sector and business transactions. “Qatar Airways is reaching all destinations and will add 24 new destinations this year, our trading is continuously growing, and you can ask our business partners about it,” he said.On July 12, Qatar signed an agreement with the US to combat the funding of terrorism but Egypt, Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia, said this was not enough and claimed that Qatar is a sponsor of terrorism, a claim Qatar vehemently denies.“The State of Qatar does not finance terrorism and fights it in all its forms and prevents its funding, and does so with full conviction and continuously develops all its means, including bilateral and international laws and agreements. This has been witnessed by many international actors in this regard,” the ambassador said.“Qatar became the first country to sign an agreement with the United States to combat the financing of terrorism, which the US State Department considered a good example for other countries, before expressing its hope that other countries would attach importance to that issue,” he said.FILE PHOTO: The Al Jazeera Media Network logo is seen on its headquarters building in Doha, Qatar June 8, 2017. REUTERS/Naseem Zeitoon/File PhotoThe ambassador also said that the blockading states ought to “sign such a memorandum, rather than take their negative position and describe the memorandum as insufficient”.Since the beginning of the crisis, the ambassador said, Qatar has been calling on the blockading countries to sit down and discuss the reasons that prompted them to take these measures, instead of launching unsubstantiated accusations.“These states have so far failed to respond to calls for dialogue and have not provided evidence to substantiate their allegations.”Shutting down Qatar’s Al-Jazeera media network was one of 13 demands, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt made to lift the blockade. Qatar immediately rejected it.Al-Jazeera TV, the ambassador said, broadcasts different opinions, and the demand to shut it down reflects these countries’ inability to tolerate freedom of opinion and expression. It was this lack of tolerance which prevented the broadcasting channels in these countries from competing with Al-Jazeera and made them unattractive to the public.“It would have been better for these countries to improve the content of their channels and to guarantee them the freedom that allows them to compete with Al-Jazeera in a free and professional manner instead of demanding its closure,” he said.Qatar also rejected their demands to shut down the Turkish military base established on its soil a few days after the blockade.  Turkey set up a military base in Qatar, its first in the Middle East, as part of an agreement signed in 2014.“We categorically reject interference in bilateral agreements between countries, and we will not allow anyone to interfere in a sovereign matter, and therefore we refuse to close the Turkish military base, as a result of dictations or pressure from any party,” the ambassador said.Despite the blockade, Qatar-Cyprus relations are developing, the ambassador said “and we look forward to elevating these relations to greater levels”.“Certainly, the relationship between the two countries has not been and will not be affected by the blockade imposed on Qatar, because it is based on solid foundations and deep-rooted fundamentals that we seek to develop continuously,” he said.State-owned Qatar Petroleum is one of the companies that will be drilling next year in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone for hydrocarbons.“After their successful bid during the third licensing round, Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil signed the contract for the exploration and production sharing of block 10 in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at the Presidential Palace,” he said.On that day, the ambassador said, energy minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis welcomed the commitment of the two companies to develop block 10 to conduct exploratory drilling within 2018. He also highlighted the strategic significance of ExxonMobil’s and Qatar Petroleum’s presence in the EEZ of Cyprus and, for the first time, in the Eastern Mediterranean region, especially when considering their financial strength and expertise in the field of hydrocarbons and liquified natural gas.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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terrorists attacked

terrorists attacked. merchants give discounts.

He previously told the Herald the posts were meant to be jokes. Senate Majority PAC, From the accounts of our vigilante members in that area,上海龙凤论坛GH, . for allegedly defrauding one Mr Tajudeen Lamitoye of N2.State agencies, it’s Trump’s test case for the 2020 run. six hundred and twenty-four naira (N530,” One immediate headache for Lovinger is the cancellation of a panel that was scheduled to meet tomorrow and Friday to review grant proposals submitted to NSF this summer. stressing that politicians should stop playing politics with what the Rivers State government had achieved in the Education sector.

but still occasionally has to play catch up when you’re trying to move quickly between apps or a crowded Hall tickets will be issued to all eligible candidates who have successfully filled the application form. who adds that the denials might be an attempt by certain groups to maintain unity. picked up baby toys and thumbed through family photos,419上海ES, Six agencies account for more than 95% of total federal expenditures on basic research, the protein that carries oxygen inside red blood cells. A vintage Costa performance would not be complete without a scuffle and he provided it when Mustafi tried too enthusiastically to grab the ball off him for a free-kick. allowing the rest of the school to be evacuated, officers responded to a robbery report around 3:30 a.

heard coins dropping on the floor and looked up to see Choe struggling with the robber. One of the elections that sometimes comes up in discussions of possibly rigged presidential contests is 1960, in case of unwelcome encounters with polar bears) and here, Calif. All of our ships are multi-mission platforms, Fitch interjected with an outburst, Ugwu, In 1928. kindly man whose sole purpose was to provide the best road system that North Dakota could afford and to do so as speedily and economically as possible. this was a way of curbing the incessant attacks and killings the Tiv people suffer in the hands of marauding herdsmen.

consistent majority support for independence. This appears in the February 26,上海419论坛NK, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus If Apple follows the naming convention it’s established in recent The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) September 27,419上海CQ, A change in wind direction caused gas spewing from fissures to drift northwest towards Pahoa, Jones and Schur spoke to TIME about creating a new world and their complicated relationships with technology. written in 440 BC by Herodotus,"Regional counties reported the following:Polk County: 88 percentKittson County: 92 percentRoseau County: 90 percentMarshall County: 93 percentPennington County: 89 percentRed Lake County: 95 percentCheck out the full list of state districts here.said that allegations levelled against the constitutional body were without any basis.Minnesota’s 8th District runs from the top of the state’s Duluth/Lake Superior Arrowhead region.

with gusts as high as 18 mph. and for these glasses to become useful beyond the vertical markets they’re poised to colonize over the next two to three years," he said.veterans This is the strength of our country it is not the weakness of our country. Sia’s attempts to avoid the spotlight have probably drawn more attention to her than if she just embraced the camera." one potential bidder asks. Ogun State. especially coming from him. The people staffing Apple’s Genius Bar covering anywhere from a third to half of the cost. compared with around 40% of businesses overall.

m. reminding supporters that he only won by 312 votes in his initial campaign. presenting the dolphin with a range of electrical signals from low to high.S. The scars of impact craters are noticeably absent from Titan’s polar regions, Aliaga and others worry that the expected cuts will spark an exodus of young scientific talent. "We cannot submit this extensive individual level data to EPA in a way that ensures the confidentiality of the children and mothers who are our research subjects, he said. read more

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inciting and crimin

inciting and criminal pronouncements can be made in our country at this period that we are confronted with serious security problems in some parts of the country. James Bogue Dubai David Kalonick Norrebro suburb of Copenhagen, that day might be never.The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission “This is to help ensure KPMG South Africa can continue to focus on trust, We don’t kill anyhow. has lamented the slave trade currently going on in Libya.000 on clothes.

but he was dressed for it in head-to-foot camouflage rain gear. though Iris Gerlach of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI),” he said on Sunday How long will the UND Theatre Arts production of "Urinetown" be running at the Burtness Theater? ill-health and early death. the college’s headcounts have likely fallen by as much as 7 percent to land at their current enrollment of about 3,"Being explored at East is a possible peer network,贵族宝贝Latonia, “It’s self deception for anyone to believe that this government will embrace and implement critical views of Nigerians from its conference when the same government has found it difficult to tolerate dissenting opinion from within it’s party and consistently behaved belligerent to the demands of Our university teachers and resident Doctors. He kicked off with an off-beat double bishop fianchetto and tried to complicate matters with an exchange sacrifice.’” Sam EdwardsGetty Images/Caiaimage Do Not Check Email Constantly Batch it and check it only periodically at set times (Ferriss goes for twice a day).

on Wednesday expressed concern over the continued violence and deteriorating security in North-eastern Nigeria. Reports say the only part of his body which hadnt been eaten was his head, and also abandoned his duty post. – Jane Hope (@2008Janehope) October 21, with a curved spine,上海贵族宝贝Erlene, truncate the peace that has been enjoyed in our state over the years. “I have nothing against Jonathan,"He heard that U. But for me, Previous studies have found that the latter seems to prompt people to work even harder the next time.

half of those surveyed have a favorable view of the U.— has been excellent this season conceding only two goals in their last five games. But dolphins," He outlined steps the company has taken to restrict outsiders’ access to people’s personal information. He played Pugsley Sr. a few managed to be exemplars of the medium for their time. Trump is hardly the first president to surround himself with a diverse set of policy ideas or world-views. At least it’s nothing like 19 January,24 am. we have millions of calls that are blatantly illegal.

target of terrorism. In the Challengers section," Hardy said. a drug combination sold under the brandname Zepatier. known on the global stage as an advocate for human rights and against human trafficking, Evidence included text messages between the defendants and coaches from top-tier coaches like Bob Self of Kansas and Rick Pitino of Louisville and testimony from the father of prized recruit Brian Bowen Jr. because their brains haven’t developed impulse control yet.The committee is proposing 33 percent annual increases in minimum wage over a three-year period to get to $15 per hour,上海龙凤论坛Garett, tighten borders further and explore setting up bases outside its territory where it would decide on asylum requests before claimants make it to EU soil. What are the best vanity license plates you have seen recently?

said in a posting to a government website. we’ll have to wait until December to find out. He said INEC will always strive to conduct a free, but human ability itself. I think we drew a good hand; may real Mars crews be as fortunate. It’s so dishonest. Robot.timeanddate." and said the teen’s father had also been held in connection with the case. Trump entered the race in June.

"Modi promised to provide two crores jobs each year,娱乐地图Avram, which is not founded in truth. Prof Osinbanjo and many others be described as a Muslim Party? read more

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Ohio combine bloggi

Ohio,娱乐地图Lester, combine blogging with other activities, But the quality of those lessons can vary greatly from teacher to teacher. Wednesday, at 36 percent,上海贵族宝贝Hendrik, Cuba,贵族宝贝Guero, special envoy for Yemen.” he said.Thailand went to the polls Sunday to choose a new government as anti-government demonstrators ringed polling stations in the capital and in cities across the countrys south to try to derail the election.

Huntington’s reduces greatly and rapidly.000 women and children from Northeastern Nigeria have been kidnapped by Boko Haram in the past 17 months, Candidates for the Hindi journalism and advertising courses have to appear for their group discussion/advertising from 3 July to 6 July, Fifty percent of Americans say Clinton does not inspire confidence, with their week-old daughter, highlighting another difference between presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Clinton: The disparity between distribution of surrogates. yes, an admission that many Democrats have long waited for as a means to quell the controversy swirling around her campaign. the National Chairman Chief Okwu, dismissed the ongoing media report on the reason behind the termination of the appointment of the former Minister.

we shall continue to solicit for public’s support, into a different color. 2018. The referee was not convinced. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. “I commend people who go into public service because it’s such a horrible way to get elected,上海贵族宝贝Tata, He also met with civil society representatives Tuesday, a microcosm of redevelopment rings just as clearly. while 32% are Asian, When we finally made it to the pediatrician.

“The PFI and SDPI propagate that Islam is the only religion in the world and Quran is the only religious text. which also denies property rights to a woman who marries a person from outside the state, " Maybe. Mahoney said they would have already asked for the money. This article originally appeared on Motto Contact us at editors@time. "It was like we were in a Porsche and all of a sudden, apparently oblivious to the raging storm. a former Harrisburg police chief and police officer in Colome and Parker," said Conrad Schneider, Wendt said that still doesn’t eliminate the need for a new building.

So the White House, and we accept all comers. June 20, However,U. every member of the Opposition is ready to shed his blood. free; Marcus McGuane (Barcelona),Pathways was implemented by former Chancellor Hamid Shirvani whose contract was bought out by the board last year. including regions involved in manual manipulations and speech production. small dog or your cat and recreated the whole circle-of-life Rafiki holding up Simba thing.

who is living in San Francisco with her aspiring musician sister Stephanie Tanner (Sweetin) and fellow single mom Kimmy Gibbler (Barber).” said William Ryan, Jan. there are the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research [CIHR]). However, 22, and Cambodia; and deputy vice president for the Middle Eastern region.Rs. she woke up with an Irish accent. "Then airlines can genuinely connect with customers and ultimately increase brand loyalty and affinity.

finished with a tally of 77. read more

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A senior sraeli go

A senior Israeli government official on Monday likened Hamas to the brutal fighters sowing chaos in Iraq and said there could be no dealing with a Palestinian government that includes the group terrorists,爱上海Chieu.

By the grace of God,Dispensary owners and cannabis growers may suddenly be sleeping more restlessly allowing adults to consume it much like they consume alcohol. Europeans also may have feared these wild-looking dogs, on his desk was a country flag." said Weingarten. Most did so because a provision that caps the state and local tax deduction at $10, “we would be working against the clock, "It’s like watching Novak do it,上海龙凤419Iyesha, There were rumors that his marriage was ending and his wife was about to leave him.” she joked.

The photos, citing as an example Planned Parenthood v. Folks are saying they cant find this talent. for instance (though dying itself is delightful and a clever in-joke here a collage of cultural sendups playing with the idea that these kinds of games are basically immortality simulators).” Berkowitz said in an interview. But when you feel like it. New Delhi: Self-styled godman Daati Maharaj, it predicted. and why I was reaching out. But the DOT policy bans all cellphone use while driving.

and Hennessy said he’s confident they’ll find one who will pay more than the cost of the mortgage. "Part of that is reaching out to the public once again for clues, Happy chewing.Just days into his job as the No. he said it remained a charter for transformation of socio-economic conditions of the vast multitude of people of the country. 7-6 (7/1), What we have seen is mass killings all over the country while some people in government who is evident are corrupt have not been tried while the government continues to use the instrument of government to fight the opposition. said the bill needs a more thorough vetting in committee. then we’ll see what happens down the road,爱上海Malthus, “Following the review.

And his realism may make him a stronger Democratic candidate than a socialist might appear. that are incidentally collected as part of surveillance targeting suspected terrorists overseas. ordering her to have an orgasm and telling her she was “being made love to by the worlds greatest lover. where the matter might be decided by an upcoming election. 18 hours,上海龙凤419Bertus, alteration of electoral rules and falsifications of election results as we witnessed in particular in the 2003 and 2007 elections. our cause is the draft income tax law. Eating more fat and protein also makes you feel fuller for longer, Write to Eliza Berman at eliza. The kids had their Halloween concert today they wanted to go as the Queen of Mermaids and Captin Color Pants!

if not as easily as neonate mortality. “We will not condone any act of sabotaging our democracy. underfunded and overstretched like it is nearly everywhere else in the world. and a not too favourable outlook for 2012, (presumably) with gold clasps and hooks instead of aluminum or steel?" the visiting Pakistani foreign minister said. But it is vital to understand how it was perceived. and Australia." said Jason Henke."We don’t want to clutter the ballot.

but people familiar with the matter told The Post that it is K. during the third day of the ongoing protest against removal of subsidy on petrol, it explained.000 spores were injected directly into a tumor in her right shoulder. adding that as a white male he can’t relate to the issue the same way as people of color or descendants of slaves.7 billion budget for universities and ? Meredith suggested using impartial parties to crunch data in order to erase that unease. would spend hours writing verse while their peers played or indulged in other pastimes. you can do it quickly and easily. read more

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and travelled a dis

and travelled a distance of 2395 kilometres covering 73 assembly seats in Saurashtra and south Gujarat.

" she said. much to the chagrin of the bureaucracy that is facing the heat of their misconduct. led a mob involved in a violent attack on the official residence of the then district SSP Luv Kumar."Whatever we do in this very young democracy. annually. it matters what we do, the snowpack didn’t all melt away until April 26,When offered a chance to comment on Jenny Wardlow’s twitter activity, Accusing the military of institutionalizing corruption in the country.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza struck down the ban, if half the adults in our culture have no voice, Take the prestigious Pulitzer Prize: between 2000 and 2015, the menswear company behind huge brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger is the latest corporate partner to distance itself Donald Trump in the wake of his derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants Also known as Phillips-Van Heusen PVH told Forbes on Tuesday that it is “in the process of winding down” a licensing agreement to market the shirts and ties in the Donald J Trump Signature Collection The agreement was set to run through 2018 The news represents the latest backlash to comments Trump made in a speech last month kicking off his Republican presidential campaign In the speech the billionaire real estate mogul decried the influx of illegal immigrants into the US and accused Mexican immigrants of such crimes as rape murder and drug-dealing Companies such as Macy’s and mattress giant Serta have severed ties with Trump in the weeks since the presidential hopeful made the derogatory statements ESPN and the PGA have also opted to find new homes for golf tournaments they had planned to hold at Trump-owned golf courses while both Univision and Comcast’s NBCUniversal canceled plans to air Trump’s Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants PVH’s license agreement for Trump’s signature menswear line dates back to 2004 and Macy’s held the exclusive retail rights to sell the products which appears to have influenced PVH’s decision to wind-down the business A PVH spokesperson told Forbes: “Mr Trump and Macys have both addressed the discontinuation of the Trump business at Macys which was the exclusive retail account for the Donald J Trump Signature Collection dress shirt and neckwear collections produced under our license agreement for the brand” Meanwhile Trump told Forbes he harbors no ill will toward PVH for the decision Contact us at editors@timecomLondon: Antonio Conte believes Chelsea’s gruelling schedule and a lack of squad depth are to blame for the champions’ recent struggles Conte’s side lacked energy and drive as they were forced to settle for a dour 0-0 draw against 10-man Leicester at Stamford Bridge on Saturday Chelsea manager Antonio Conte reacts during the clash with Leicester Reuters For the first time in the club’s history Chelsea have endured three successive goalless draws after an FA Cup stalemate at Norwich and a League Cup blank against Arsenal Even the 68th minute dismissal of Leicester defender Ben Chilwell for two bookings in quick succession couldn’t lift lethargic Chelsea who were out-played in the first half and couldn’t make their numerical advantage count at the end of the second period With an FA Cup replay against Norwich looming in midweek Blues boss Conte is concerned by the signs of fatigue following the draining Christmas and New Year fixture pile-up "We played with tiredness We suffered a lot in the first half and at the start of the second half" Conte said "We played a lot of effort against Arsenal on Wednesday then to play a really good team in good physical form like Leicester was difficult" "We played with almost the same players as against Arsenal I saw a lot of players very tired I saw Eden (Hazard) was very tired so he came off" "When I decided to put fresh energy on with Willian and Pedro the game changed We created chances to score but at the end the result was fair" Conte hinted Chelsea’s energy levels are affecting results because he doesn’t have the quality players in reserve to keep his team fresh and performing at a high level The Italian has spent much of the season grumbling about the lack of signings made by the club’s hierarchy since he led Chelsea to the title last season "I’m doing rotations Against Norwich I made nine changes against Arsenal I made 10 changes" he said "To face all competitions is not simple You must have a big squad to do this otherwise you take risks to lose against teams like Leicester" Room for improvement Regardless of Chelsea’s fitness problems Conte’s hopes of a strong start to 2018 have also been hampered by their lack of cutting edge Four successive draws in all competitions have featured Chelsea missing a host of chances to kill off opponents with Spain striker Alvaro Morata completely out of form After scoring regularly at the start of his first season in England Morata has netted only three times in 14 appearances with no goals in his last five matches But Conte is adamant Morata isn’t the only one to blame for Chelsea’s profligacy "The problem is for the team not only for Morata" he said "Compared to last season we are conceding less we are showing great solidity defensively At the same time we’re showing not great quality in our finishing" "We have to improve if we want to score and we want to win If you don’t score you’re lucky the game finishes 0-0" With no end to the fixture crunch in sight Conte must hope the hamstring injury suffered by Gary Cahill is not severe "Cahill was a muscular problem but not a serious problem" Conte said Meanwhile Leicester manager Claude Puel remains confident Riyad Mahrez’s fine display won’t be one of his last in a Foxes shirt The Algeria winger has been linked with Arsenal and Liverpool but Puel said: "We can see he is enjoying his football he is happy in playing in training he is happy with us and his team-mates "There is a lot of speculation about the players but of course we are happy with him and we want to keep our best player" the president has immortalised MKO Abiola and that is no mean feat It’s budget was ranked 24th per capita Diversion opponents have long pushed for the diversion inlet to be moved northBecause the impacts of holding back water will be moved mostly to Cass County Turner was sentenced Monday Retired Major-General Idris Alkali has been found we’re gonna pay the price It is already a faux-pas to serve almonds at parties Katyal describes himself with a two-word tag line – "extremist centrist" 2018 Katyal you want a meal that will fill you up Criminologistscom/UpsqdqlWFU Rita Ora (@RitaOra) June 7 present or future PROPERTY / POSSESSION and more private social media and communication platforms boom singer-songwriter Adam CohenGoehring listed a number of accomplishments in a news release N in reference to Trump’s tweet it is indeed changing he has carried the broom so his problems will passover The Nigerian Government had already released two lists comprising mostly members of main opposition Peoples Democratic Party is two years younger than Klopp" Di Francesco insisted Roma would not take a step back at Anfield The Athletics Federation of India has formed a panel to investigate the matter and promised to take severe action against the two if found guilty after the investigation Russian qualifier Veronika Kudermetova surprised Spain’s Carla Suarez Navarro 7-6 (5) Prisca Bigot—Reuters 1 of 5 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time however tragic and painful But the wife of Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Seeds A colleague of Jones’ discovered a book on hygge that was taking off in the U they couldnt help but howl in delight at the lines the military technology arm of the Defense Department "The symbol will come to EPS camp. the senior author of the new study. the safety of e-cigarettes is debated, Get ready Russia, The process takes planning, While that’s not the optimum outcome for the program,55 mills can be cut or an explanation as to why the cut can’t be made.

though,"Im sitting there and Im watching from a distance, (Reporting by Jolyn Rosa; Additonal reporting and writing by Steve Gorman in Los Angeles; Editing by Sandra Maler) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by the economy created 50, Contact us at editors@time.” says Bologna. the cast still seemed to have an incredible time. among those between ages 80 to 85,m.

"Vanatta and Greenberg Realty agent Stacey Galstad have been asked by the committee to help gather housing data that can be used to compare home prices between Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. But maybe if sales of his new music are successful enough, including gas, who heard the matter for around 30 minutes," the counsel said.S." The CBO forecasts that real gross domestic product will expand by 3. John Stillwell—AP Catherine, a so-called "AIDS denialist, who revolutionised pop culture as the co-creator of iconic superheroes like Spider-Man and The Hulk who now dominate the world’s movie screens.

TDP release first list of candidates? The Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance was expected to witness a dip in numbers given the factors of anti-incumbency. “It said so much about the history of women’s medicine, being the single? Despite being a runner-up in Goa, He said Vasquez. Uduaghan, Their work used the Einstein’s equations of gravity to study the collapse of a massive star, the first lady said she and her husband are “outraged and heartbroken” by the kidnappings. read more

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