Under the financial crisis what websites will fire

With the impact of the financial crisis in the United States,

continues to face great challenges in China’s economy as a whole. From the traditional Internet industry, the news of layoffs is more and more, the imminent collapse of the company is also emerging, everyone on the whole economic situation is a concern, the enterprise is also ready to tighten their belts, cotton padded clothes, ready for the winter. In the face of winter, is not all Internet companies will feel a cold, I think it certainly is not, because no matter what the economic situation, there are always a good form of industry and poor form of industry. Next, let’s guess what kind of website will fire at this time of the economy, for personal reference purposes only – -) read more

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The website was dialed by Baidu s your station the end of life

I am 01 years of college, read electronic business, really so-called Internet contact, but really do stand is in 04 years, had a few stations, down and up to a final, what are not, until 2 months before the static problem under consideration. To engage in a local station, but not the kind of big local portal, just grab a point to do! Now I summarize some failure reasons: first, the basic knowledge of the Internet and the web site you want to understand; second, you should have a basic technology, good management is the webmaster, but you there is no point, it is difficult to truly appreciate what is the site; third, first personal struggle is unlikely to develop, you’d better organize the team; fourth, the money problem, I’m not saying you have to have a lot of money, do you want to buy a station, the development of the virtual host server not what use is a must fifth, network; problem, you have to do our best to know on the website dedicated webmaster friends like you, or even some authority. Sixth, you must have ambition, dare to think, to have the concept of "network marketing"! Can be a low-key life, but things must be a high-profile exposure problem!; seventh, no matter what you do, must adhere to, do not follow the trend, others do fire big, you basically have no hope. Unless you’re a XX second, more than the other eighth, always imitate; if you find others haven’t found something that you are taking the first step towards success; Ninth; we are most concerned about the search engine included problems. read more

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