IPLUS and COLORZONE work together to build mainstream products in CPA market!Do Wangzhuan please adj

This article from the

as the saying goes: attitude decides everything, then the mind is a good Wangzhuan key! Mentality, you can become a millionaire.

      www.iplus.cn news

      recent IPLUS advertising alliance and the domestic best mobile phone wireless value-added products operators COLORZONE comprehensive cooperation, and jointly launched the CPA market heavy products. Through the members of the association’s pre test, the station has been unanimously praised! Now recommend to all webmaster put in, to provide you with a stable, good faith, high yield Internet advertising products. Advertising effect can refer to www.7xi.net, www.ting88, please call customer service department for details, customer service phone: 51508808 to 810 read more

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Rookie webmaster Wangzhuan and understanding of SEO

I am a rookie, but also webmaster, so I’m a rookie webmaster


site of the purpose is to earn two money, not hypocrisy, all with the RMB country of faith in the current materialistic reality, can we still have what sublime ideal


site can make money, this is nonsense. Website how to make money, are learning… Not just do a web site can earn RMB, combined with a rookie webmaster understanding, there are the following:

1, you have to have a website first,

2, determine who your audience is in your website, read more

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In the face of adversity, the stationmaster has no choice but to persist

saw an article today: itbulu: stationmaster is a job without sense of security. With a sentence in the text to describe the vast majority of the station is now in place, it is very appropriate: "do standing more and more chilling.". The fear of policies, fear of hackers, fear Baidu left, right before the fear, afraid of the villain, scared loopholes." I think almost every webmaster has more or less encountered a variety of problems. Do station content afraid of violation of policy, bold playing edge ball, but also all day long fear. Finally, the website is rich in content, and beware of hacker attacks. Hard to be included in the Baidu, but also worry about, don’t know which day it again put your stand to K. Baidu does not stand K, but also beware of being cheated villain. No space is not the problem, IDC’s not bad, from time to time a Zaibao website vulnerabilities, webmaster is really living in misery. read more

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How do traditional enterprises effectively seize the commanding heights of Internet marketing from s

in China users has exceeded 400 million mark, Chinese also have become the world’s largest number of Internet users in the country. Industry figures predict that the number of Internet users in China will double to 800 million in the next 5 years, and that the number of Chinese Internet users will probably hold half of the world’s Internet users. Thus, the popularity of Internet development in Chinese have shown a trend that get out of hand, provide the most solid foundation for the rapid development of the Internet industry, in a short period of ten years has created a number of Internet giant companies, let China Internet companies became the brightest star nasdaq. read more

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Tencent QQ Westward Journey opened a treasure box, provoking controversy, CF should be more alert

recently, Tencent news about illegal opening of treasure box, after the exposure of DoNews, caused widespread media hot debate.

News Digest:

"QQ Westward Journey" in March 3rd, the first day of the beta, there has been "beta Memorial treasure chest" activities. Due to the activities of the chest does not bind, random drawing too large golden chance. The Tencent immediately blocked nearly more than 50 thousand player accounts, and only prompted the maintenance announcement without giving any explanation to the player. read more

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After the explosion of red magic man how to allow users to continue to grow How do businesses land

in the phenomenal application destined to "guobayin killed" has already become a kind of used to set the tone for the conclusion, in the spring of 2015, the magic diffuse camera has just ushered in its second millionth user.

· Malcolm, author of

‘s tipping point, argues that people are more sensitive to their surroundings than they do. This means that attention is lost and irrational judgments arise. In short, most people equate their environment with the whole world. read more

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What personal knowledge and ability should a personal station master possess

personal webmaster need to have knowledge, can be said to be a complete knowledge framework. And because of this special point of the webmaster, the ability to master is also a lot of very miscellaneous. Remember the 37 network previously wrote a "personal webmaster also needs to understand the point you’d better be a generalist" that is also very clear, not only let you focus on solving the industry analysis, network operations and marketing plan, which is in the right circumstances, pay attention to some technical problems. Because since it is a personal webmaster, you can not have so many connections, resources and funds, you need to understand yourself, is "ask for help rather than yourself", not a little common sense of the problem on the sky to ask people. So, personal webmaster in the whole knowledge frame, individual think technology is indispensable, so personal webmaster should have what knowledge and ability? read more

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Qihoo Zhou Hongyi word of mouth marketing abuse will destroy the Chinese Forum

"China is the lack of people, a company hired thousands of people to the Internet cafe mess is easy to flush any post, a community forum, the netizen gradually lost confidence is fatal, so now, can say word-of-mouth marketing is in the three fork."

according to ZenithOptimedia recently published data show that the "reputation and recommendations" is to influence public contact points in the strongest way, but in the two entrepreneurial Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi view, word-of-mouth marketing in the domestic "abuse" tendency is likely to destroy the ascendant way of marketing. read more

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Personal management of local talent website summary of several experiences

wrote an article in front of his "personal business experience of local talent website summed up", then now put their small successful experience and then share with you, but these are after we do the article before I write the work dare to do. After the website has accumulated a large number of job applicants and business members (906 of our enterprise members, 7223 of them are at present). Try to do some offline activities. Don’t let the enterprise or individual feel that the website is just doing something virtual, and there is no real thing. Break the change of people for network awareness, especially our backward areas, the network awareness is not strong, let them for money is difficult, can only be combined with offline activities so that they see the real thing. In this way, what they see is not only a practical and meaningful activity, but also a greater trust in you. In this regard, in their minds quietly set up a brand, looking for work on the talent network, recruitment of talent network. Because they not only feel that the Internet can find a job, online talent network is also able to organize activities of the group, is no longer a separate network platform. Okay, well, what have we done activities? In the morning of March 6th we held a large local public recruitment. If there are plans to do the recruitment of colleagues friends, you can refer to our approach. read more

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Grassroots webmaster Success Road, the Internet is the four major inflection point

grassroots webmaster more and more difficult, a lot of people have such feeling, so in the end is what led to the grassroots webmaster road becomes more and more difficult? From the point of view of the development trend of the Internet, find what has hindered the grassroots development of the road, up to several months in study of the author, found the four largest Internet trend following up webmaster


one: the traditional profit model competition hot white, has been difficult to break through read more

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Discussion on the rapid development of web directory station

search for "URL directory" this word will get a lot of results, indicating that the site directory station development has considerable scale. There is a reason why the website directory station is so popular, combined with the experience of submitting the web site to the directory station, about the rapid growth of the current directory station.

one, the rapid growth of the number of sites for web directory station provides the premise for the development of growth.

Chinese has 4 million sites, about 3000000 of them standing, regardless of what purpose from money or interest or establish the unique Chinese web directory is the inevitable development of the Internet, as owners increase the birth of A5, Jay Chou Chinese popular songs. read more

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Highlight long webmaster daily work necessary ten records

at present, the basic situation in the webmaster industry is everyone on their own, the so-called "personal webmaster" to a large extent shows the survival of this group of state: independent, individual, there is no team. In this case, the daily work of the organization is very important, however, for the huge website project, what we need to do is too much, there will be a lot of negligence, saying good forget it, to do the work of the record is particularly important, it can make the webmaster the work is more practical, specific and systematic, improve the work efficiency maximization. Here are ten necessary entries for the Webmaster: read more

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Live camera filing system is not just personal Adsense pain

speaking of "on-site photography" filing system, ninety-nine percent of the webmaster will oppose, this policy is almost no feasibility, and very inhumane. See once criticized the live camera system in many articles, in a recent article "who hindered the university network poineering road" is to "field pictures" irony, let the reader reading for fun. Whether for personal Adsense, or for all IDC operators, or managers, on-site camera system is not ideal.

scene photos, for personal Adsense, time-consuming, effort, money, a lot of people have discussed before, here no longer details. Some owners said, why IDC operators do not oppose this policy, do not speak for the webmaster here want to come, IDC operators in all provinces is no right to speak, the policy down, no IDC company dare not perform. If the policy really strictly enforced, the webmaster had to give up far away, so that IDC will inevitably drain many customers; and, once the acquisition of information for the record is not true, there are problems, IDC company can not escape accountability. Rational thinking, the real implementation of "live photos", for the IDC operators, is also a huge loss. It wasn’t IDC’s fault at the spot camera system. read more

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Instead of turning your blog around, Qian Shu, you can make it

recent internet information can be both old and new faces of Qi Bengfa, WeChat also has the market value of micro-blog charges a commonplace talk of an old scholar, all can be said to be lower than expected, from staff is really bad. Moreover, in these seemingly fierce review articles, I also found a friend who sang "independent blog", called "sunset industry", and advised you not to be settled. To see this, I did not refute, as did the independent blog I know, now want to rely on independent money blogging is simply prohibitively difficult, unless you have a brand or brand of SEO traffic, as Lu Songsong, a power on SEO even more, but for a newcomer, basically both are not accounted for, which is new simply can not wait for that day to make money. read more

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Cheng Luyao Internet Marketing Promotion Forum promotion

last share of the forum about the promotion of the entry point, the following I simply share some of the promotion in the forum to promote their own skills. I believe that many people who do BBS promotion will encounter the following series of questions:

1: Forum promotion administrator account is banned

how to do?

2: when doing BBS promotion, IP is blocked by administrator, how to do?


3: do BBS promotion, to promote the website URL, domain name by the administrator tampering or banned, how to do? read more

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The $8 billion 500 million Lending Club, the younger generation left some enlightenment to P2P

last night, the domestic media will be the focus on IPO look on mobile social software Mo side, in fact, unfamiliar street and IPO P2P platform Lending Club, has been far beyond the unfamiliar street several times or in the first day of listing. Its IPO price of $15, the first day of listing rose as high as 56%, to close at $23.43, trading volume of nearly 45 million shares, the market capitalization of $8 billion 500 million.

Lending Club is the first P2P company to apply for industry qualification, and it is the first listed P2P company. Lending Club co-founder, founder of financial networks Su Haide (Soul Htite) on the occasion of the media interview, believes that an Internet banking company in IPO must complete such a few steps: read more

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Small investors how to do investment work

small investors should be careful in choosing a project, because for them, high investment risk would probably lose all venture fund, how to choose to far more than their own projects? What should be done before starting a business? If you want to know that, learn it.

A, to choose their own projects

should be chosen with their professional experience and interest, I have hanging hook project. As the saying goes: "gehangrugeshan". That’s the truth!

The market prospect of

read more

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New station GG, an hour included baidu3 days included effective method

1, google:


station was Google included the slowest one hour method is actually very simple, here there should be a lot of people use, but is also estimated to have a lot of people still do not know, here must teach the new trick, one hundred percent effective. Fanchon I don’t know if you still need now, not used to go online to check on OK, here I recommend that you use every day more ", this is not AD ah, because every network PR value is high, Google spider crawling period is less than 1 hours. So our way is to put your link on the network every day waiting in the Google spider to grab. As for how to put up is very simple, every day to feed a registered account, an article and collection site for personal network, your site will be automatically in every group, and a half hours to go to Google site on your site, look at it, be included. I used this method for a long time, I just did yesterday’s blog: http://taobaoshops.blog.hexun.com to GG you to see, although not the top-level domain but now almost every article I website are included. After the collection must adhere to update your site every day, so that your site will be of great help. read more

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What’s the meaning of the original content

now more and more emphasis on originality, but the original cost, manpower and material resources are relatively large, it depends on the original content of the meaning of how much,


in the second half of 2008 Baidu to "duplicate content filtering is better than the original strictly, because this is a search engine in order to please his users (that is, every one of us ordinary people), because we don’t want the emergence of a large number of different sites is the same content when the search keyword. read more

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Water autumn pool on single page copy to apply to marketing AIDMA rule

Single page

LVSHOU success inspired a large number of webmaster do a single page of confidence, many webmaster friends started their own single page of the road, but they have technology in the face of a single page copy, but began to worry, autumn water pool is a planning division, but a lot of contact single page copy, there is a AIDMA marketing theory: pay attention to interest desirememory – – – – action, consumption is a process to produce a consumer behavior through the process of. Today, the "water autumn pool" on the single page copy of the marketing AIDMA rules used to share with you a single page writing experience. read more

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