You love from Shanghai included in the harvest of what

so because your website is not included in the love of Shanghai brought you some sad? You don’t need to worry about that every day to love Shanghai is not included in your site.

on the other hand, began to build a website, a very real problem is the webmaster must be clear to accept, is a period of time began to set up this website, obtained from the search engine where the traffic is not too much, almost is very little, so every day to his home without site necessary, love Shanghai every day why not included my website and worry is not necessary, this is the webmaster should pay attention to the novice. The webmaster heart is very clear, very dangerous and undesirable, no value is a website traffic comes from search engine. According to my opinion, reasonable is a site 30% of traffic from search engines, not too high requirements, prepare for your future, even after your site is search engine K, in terms of traffic to your site is basically not much loss, can also support your web site better. read more

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Love Shanghai to cancel the effect of referer on the Shanghai Dragon ndustry

in addition, although the love Shanghai webmaster tools has been improved, but there are still many deficiencies, for example, outside the chain of tools is accurate, can see the competitor data etc.. Do you think Shanghai dragon cannot do without a lot of data, love Shanghai webmaster tools is a little slow growth. So many colleagues still used to use the home station tools, love stand tools, the love of Shanghai cancel referer keyword display. Similar to those love webmaster tools need to adjust, because the data source comes from the love of Shanghai. read more

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How to optimize the network company orders more difficult to avoid failure

Shanghai dragon after so many years of development of the domestic, large and small Internet companies we are relying on too many to count, the search engine to life. However, the lack of core competitive advantage of our algorithm in, a slight fluctuation in the company will have a turbulent, light is the site keywords ranking drop, while direct K station or drop right. Always used to imitate the so-called experts to share online, always accustomed to past experience fetters, website optimization is difficult to have their own unique kind, saying, "shares — concept is a stumbling block to many small and medium-sized network development company. Hear the Internet. read more

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Novice to do Shanghai dragon most likely to cause analysis of several problems of search engine

is currently a lot of Shanghai dragon Er lovers with the rise of e-commerce have been added to the optimization of search engines in the industry, for the development of Shanghai dragon will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting the good, but beginners often in the understanding of the part of search engine optimization of zero knowledge can not wait to be broken to use their own the website, it is because there is no attention to detail other problems result in a lot of friends in the optimization process of the emergence of keyword selection errors, often modify title similar kinds of mistakes, the result was punished by the search engine, how to effectively eliminate these unnecessary problems when the site has just set up. The following we analyze several key points about the construction site at the beginning of the novice friends to remember. read more

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Love Shanghai new data annotation tool with Google data marker

Structured data

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform data annotation tool, is a kind of fast structured data will be submitted to the website to love the way Shanghai. With the mouse as long as the plan selected simple, love Shanghai can quickly learn how to extract structured data from your website, and this information can show love in Shanghai in search results to the rich form, improve the image of the site and traffic.


search engine to support the standard, in order to provide a better search experience for users. To love Shanghai, Google, 360 support website structured data, micro structured data can make search engines provide richer search results in the show, let the user see important information search, your goods in the search results directly for example: name, price, inventory goods (whether the goods are goods), the score and comments. Whether these rich snippets can help users understand the site with their search related content, can make web pages get more clicks, enhance the image of the site and traffic. read more

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Love Shanghai search bully the new site you caught

holy crap, their hard to write by other website after use was collected, and their own blogs are not included, even included, when keywords for retrieval in Shanghai love also displays the family links. A recent investigation successively found naturally or half unconsciously such problems. This phenomenon for the new station is estimated that many owners have encountered.

as the search leader, love Shanghai into more than one. A test in 360 and Sogou, index for my website and show their love in Shanghai than a lot of good, but too few people, this is not the most significant. Shanghai love to see your site is less than half of the new station, the whole content is not many, even think that the core content is not clear, even if there are a few good articles is not too much, look forward to the author more articles to improve the quality of content. Furthermore, I love Shanghai, the site of the weight is too low, not enough for a certain reputation, efforts to attract visitors, not a user base, maybe a long time will increase to a certain extent, remains to be seen. There may be a point, this is a disguised form of encouragement, urge you to bring more work, to give your users a better experience, this search crawl love Shanghai deliberately temporarily relax about your new blog ranking efforts, perhaps the time can change everything, it is important for you to persist in the end. read more

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Part of the website construction service provider’s bad habits

1, no work address, no fixed telephone. Said the first work address, write a few road number, online search, "everywhere Ningbo website" is this address, we all know our industry basically in the office, is a few road number a few rooms, why not publish their detailed address, most of the reason is no office address, customers have to pay attention, no office address, pro, you know! There is no fixed telephone but also very good understanding, no office address is no fixed telephone. Pro, so even the office can not afford to rent the service providers, personally think it is better off. read more

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Now how to cater to the search engine website optimization

some websites in order to cheat hits, specifically with no related words and some web content to do the title keywords and description, this not only increase website jump loss rate, but also lead to the search engine on its weight reduction.

breadcrumb navigation can not only facilitate the search engines crawl and identify further, can let the user know the "location", increase user friendly operation.

Although the four. ?

search engine development trend of human nature, such as love in Shanghai now refer to the user browser inside the cookies to give the search results; 360 "thumb search plan", the user decides ranking. The Shanghai dragon ER has become increasingly difficult to determine the enterprise website search presented in each user is the same, but the need for a transitional period, many enterprises still pay more attention to search engine optimization. If a website to the search engine is friendly, so is this website easier to search engine users to search, make the enterprise information more widely to show to the search engine users. Now the Shanghai dragon Er to avoid what is not friendly to search engine read more

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How to prevent the site flow beyond the solution space

the network company with the source is a supermarket website source, Dr. network vulnerabilities, is often added to the malicious code, the black chain, causing the site often included some bad information, very hate. Moreover, some people will send malicious registration information. I often see a lot of audit posts in the background. So, before the station encountered many times flow beyond the problem. In order to solve this problem, I put off the registration function, also do not allow the. read more

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Love love Shanghai spiders in Shanghai left 200064 official answers in the S log

so there will be more stationmaster search this problem, hope you can reprint, don’t let the rumour.

: Recently I stand there crawling back 200064, began to data analysis of these status codes during the search, search spiders crawl back 200064 "see a lot of reliable answers, even more said it was" K station omen ", so I finally decided to tell everybody a chat with the official an official answer.

tell you the reasons for the spider to return to 200064 Code:

spider returns 200064 is completely normal, there is absolutely no need to panic! read more

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Talk about how to increase the site included

the last time, I wrote an article about the quasi Adsense site a few suggestions on A5, was published after I excited for a long time, and looking at their hard to write the article was the websites say a taste. Thanks to A5 for busy all day on the Internet webmaster affirmation, I am also here to the webmaster friends say, work hard, you can be sure. Today, I would like to share with you about how to increase the site included his own site in the process.

collected from the construction of the chain of read more

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The construction site excessive optimization once destroyed Mo

, a true optimization for the site itself, rather than the search engine

relative to the search engine optimization, the author may be more recognition of website optimization. Because the website optimization is the key point of the site is built on the basis of improving the website quality, rich content of the. Site optimization itself not only for the search engine, and more user oriented. In the website itself efforts, including promotion of website content, but also from the server, the domain name, as well as efforts to guarantee the safe operation of. The website can quickly open 24 hours, and rich in content will attract visitors to visit the website or search spider. External factors through the internal functioning, while the site itself is the internal quality of the site itself up, the weight and ranking naturally slowly rising. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng staff do Fuzhou beauty training ranking points

analysis, Fuzhou beauty training site planning

two, making Shanghai dragon form

to Fuzhou beauty training ranking good, how to be a qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon

point to form the good habit of data analysis, so that our analysis of Links, cross link, included data quantity, the number of the chain and other a series of. A major work of Shanghai dragon is the data statistics, we can not feel any changes in the site, must be based on the data analysis is the premise to this planning website, our website even Fuzhou beauty training site we can quickly identify the cause of the site right down to be right down, for example, we found that web site Links lost, the corresponding our website ranking has declined, it could be because of the loss caused by the Links right down. read more

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Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng workers love algorithm adjustment will be how to deal with

: > four


: to create a new keyword in the title of the site, the key is often our brand, if your website is like before that such as Tianjin Shanghai dragon, Tianjin website promotion, website or other titles, for these titles, love Shanghai generally are second level, not to you rose to a new height, that is not going to give you a good weight, we know as the A5 station network, home owners and so on, these are the brand, through the name we know what is the content of this site, so we need to create a new brand, which is new keywords read more

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Shanghai dragon from the template talk how to be a template for optimization

The function of

The redesigned


URL changes

interface is not only for the Shanghai dragon optimization, because each site has its own characteristics, so do change when the template interface is more important is to establish their own brand and image, achieve uniqueness. If our interface and others repeat, so this site must be in the market brand this piece has been lost. In addition, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, on the one hand reduce repetition is very important, the interface changes, then the repeatability will greatly reduce. read more

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Shanghai dragon leader how to lead your team to survive

customers will complain to the Shanghai Phoenix team a question: why do I rankings are so good, or not what traffic, not what the conversion rate? As a leader of Shanghai dragon, this problem must be carefully analyzed, why your team would not be able to bring customers flow seen in fact? We can see from the Shanghai dragon in recent years go downhill: Shanghai dragon alone time has passed, by Shanghai dragon is unable to obtain the maximum flow. The Shanghai dragon leader should be how to change the situation? The author thinks that Shanghai dragon leader should with the integration of network marketing planning team, integration of network marketing means, with a variety of network marketing means to let the customer’s website to obtain the maximum flow. Such as micro-blog, WeChat and so on Marketing Marketing Marketing is very popular now, are worthy of Shanghai dragon team to imitate and learn. As a leader, must be aware of this, to the website traffic and conversion rate as the goal, with the Shanghai dragon other network marketing means to give them the planning work, so as to make the website ranking improved, also can solve the customer website ranking no flow embarrassing situation, which will allow customers to more trust your team, your team will become better reputation. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization project page to seize the massive long tail word ranking

2. column page is just a list of pages, love Shanghai generally will not give too much weight, and a section of the web site page is limited.

how to make web page

4. some keywords have considerable flow, but the inside pages can not satisfy the needs of the keywords, but also the column page is not competitive, if to build a website to seize the key words and thought.

through the use of "user demand analysis" to analyze the words "abroad conditions" can do "search abroad conditions" and "user fees" and "private" and "public", "high school", "Graduate School" and other needs, these are we also can put in the title the user clicks, guide. read more

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With ice bucket algorithm of high quality resources defends the throne

This ?The

will not view the results of a search engine doubt, after all, the search engine market is relatively broad, who can better solve the problem for the user, who can give users a good experience for the first time users, occupy the market share. Perhaps is really so, love the Shanghai ice bucket algorithm is proposed to solve such problems, especially for the user. A low quality for mobile search web pages and pages of the clean-up, returned to the user a green access environment. For direct use of high-quality resources to users can first show. The corresponding must download the app, you must log in to the normal use of resources ranking will fall sharply. This is the inevitable choice to respect the user’s search engine, and it is also an inevitable trend to focus on cleaning the overall environment of the mobile internet. read more

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The station with the use of skills strategies

know the station may have there been a problem, what is the purpose of this do? What role? We’re here to discuss the station, I hope for those who do not understand the friends a little help.


ensure that the user experience of the website. Enterprise content after filling station, because the news information, small to update, users also can not understand the business activities. In order to enhance the user experience, can use the station to station of enterprise strategy, update, and then use the program call to the home page, to show users the latest information, it is beneficial to the user experience, so as to enhance the enterprises. read more

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Pat off the prospect of Tencent can give us what

Tencent do pat off is not indicative of the Tencent to develop vigorously pat market? Or is it now allows businesses to pat energy Tencent, Tencent, not a "mutiny" to Taobao? If so, then I think Tencent will support some of the earlier pat guest friends, so take off to give it a try. After all, when Taobao off it, mom also support a lot of small owners, so many small owners counter attack has become the tall, rich and handsome.

pat off is still using a API interface, many owners are already talking about the API color, even the love of Shanghai will certainly K by common consent. But I think that Shanghai is not on all the API offensive, the equivalent of an article if the first, get a large number of these articles reproduced, reproduced Shanghai love can only think that is naturally not good to make an unnecessary move, ranking. If we say the API is used to love Shanghai has not appeared, the natural love Shanghai will not disgusted. I have a friend do Taobao customer is probably in many webmaster to Taobao customers began to do a contemptuous disregard Taobao customers, it has been very good, also have a fixed group of users, so far due to update some less people and is a good product of API, has been in development. So, I think API is not disorder, but is a stepping stone on the way of growing our novice. read more

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