The operation steps and techniques of blog and forum sprocket

, a registered forum / blog, improve the information

then improve blog / forum data here, more noteworthy is the name of the title of the best blog / forum with personality, avoid repetition, love Shanghai spider is Xixinyanjiu guy, for the new title included faster. Then in the corresponding blog / forum released associated with their title / introduction of the post title post, through this operation can make the blog / forum as indexed by search engines. If the forum can set signature that can be set with the keywords of the anchor text signature. read more

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Website optimization ranking three months why has not fluctuation

is a large part of the search engine to give up the reason is caused by the link website, also known as the site of the external links, one is the website of the external hyperlink too much; on the other hand is the site of the external links is not stable; again is the site of the friendship link when there is K phenomenon. We conclude that for a long time in website rankings when you can from these three aspects to find the reasons, if it is because of these three aspects, so our solution is not very difficult. read more

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For the website ranking drop you at a loss what to do

, a program, server problems

3. website

The revision of the

operation optimization When the

if the space is normal, no other malicious attacks. The reasons for the decline or more from the human operation, whether the operation is good or bad will make the website floating.

these are from external causes, first of all we have to control their own website to the investigation is not because of these external attacks. For the web server space, to see whether or not to visit every two or three days, open very slowly. This is a direct impact on the site included and ranking. read more

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Do a good station Shanghai dragon should do er

following on from the three aspects in detail about a good station Shanghai dragon should do.

we all know Shanghai dragon is divided into the station outside Shanghai station Shanghai dragon dragon.

B. website layout.


to the website of the content, so the spider can love Shanghai on time to collect, visitors will find the site that is fresh, time can browse to different things, of course, it must have a basis, is your server must be stable. Or in the browser when you think of the site on the condition of every two or three days not open, I think even the love you can’t go to the website. read more

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How to improve the quality of Shanghai Longfeng original content from life

often have a lot of Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster in >

see in micro-blog today, Mo Yan’s speech "storyteller", feeling quite, this is the wisdom of life, regardless of occupation, regardless of gender, regardless of the situation, we are interested can take a look. A lot of personal feelings, especially his mother’s love, his wisdom comes from life, but to think of it yesterday but wrote the chain plans his friends after the reaction. Many people say: are you crazy? How to feel very strange, how can it be called crazy? To be honest but really didn’t want to know how the original chain plan what is the relationship with the crazy, after the friend explained that they felt a day two article original horrible, especially stick to it, let alone a year, a month will collapse. Have a friend called: day ten original, next year you are Cao Guowei (poor Cao boss, lying gun, Cao boss estimated it is depressing, you do me the original Shanghai dragon Sina 10 Fen?). read more

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Operating for more than a year to talk about how do on the site more than P5

Optimization of When

, a website open content should be sufficient for

in the very early days is very terrible, but now this has the effect of drop very low. But for Google, PR is still very effective, and the effect of introducing spiders to the site is also very good. So we should not only Links operation on the web page, but also on the column page and the topic page to a chain exchange, even within the page with the page exchange. This is the top of the 996 main reasons of the chain.

love Shanghai Post Bar, library and related forum posting. These places can not only bring the post success IP flow stability, but also promote the article included. Note that here the chain of hair according to the article page URL site, rather than the domain name of the website. read more

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Detailed Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should consider the question orders

4 to open the internal web site to see if there is a user experience or content optimization over

hardware to each other, to see how the optimization potential client website:

1 to observe each other included in the site of

now website optimization Shanghai dragon Er is too much, just a dozen friends to do this business, not to mention the Internet what professional company or team. It is not surprising, after all, the number of sites is too much, the website optimization has become a part of the network construction process is the indispensable, but with a large number into the novice, another problem arises, is to offer the market disorder, many novice blind price or commitment, do not end up task well, go-slow, finally get the industry so today I The atmosphere was foul., and we should pay attention to what you say in order of time, so as not to novice friends at a loss. read more

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Analysis influence of noble of Shanghai dragon baby hummingbird algorithm

Similar to the

2, page optimization and adjacent page.

is the long tail of more cash out of the user’s search intention, we can fully tap with purpose and regional and long tail keywords, long tail keywords to cover a wider area, but can not deviate from the theme. Such as tourism can dig "from XXX to XXX Tour" and "XXX tickets discount" this type of long tail keywords, but do not tap the "XXX hospital fees how this basic no related long tail keywords.

? Optimization of read more

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Grasp the 360 search engine optimization opportunities

, because the 360 is a newborn, so it is inclusive and will be stronger than the other search engines.

at present, just two or three years has accounted for half of the country China. Love is down with a wave of Shanghai? No, you didn’t find love Shanghai has been in the last one or two years of innovation, but also a better product. 360 strong ability to imitate, some thoughtful innovation ability let love live in Shanghai every day, always on tenterhooks. There is a saying: "has been imitated, but never surpassed". In the 360 Shanghai battle and love does not seem to be applicable, what do you think? Sometimes you don’t find love in Shanghai do not care about us, not caring? I don’t love 360 products, the reason is that it really do have a little too. But recently, I suddenly found that 360 of the user experience is better than the love of Shanghai. But you want me to tell what its intimate application, but I can not say a. In love with 360 Shanghai friends should know the product. read more

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2017 continue to engage in Shanghai Longfeng OK Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future

3, pay attention to the user experience, "to describe the title keywords fascinating

in addition, website design should accord with the principles of the search engine grab. The flat structure, try to use breadcrumb navigation, so the search engine spiders crawl easily, but also more conducive to ranking. In addition, the code must be concise, do not use any complex code for posing, that will make your website crawl frequency is much lower.

industry downturn, Shanghai dragon is more difficult to let more people to engage in Shanghai dragon industry lose confidence, and even a lot of people think the industry has developed to the end, not what good. In this regard, small thought for the majority of Shanghai dragon ER ask: 2017 continue to engage in Shanghai dragon is feasible? For this problem, a lot of big coffee also has spoken reply, said in 2017 that Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future. So, why the big coffee are still optimistic about the Shanghai dragon read more

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Anchor text link optimization content pages to the home page

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

4, the same anchor text link, when the same page does not appear many times.

2, the current page key words, and different points to page keywords, but have a certain correlation.

description text links 3 pages, the direct address does not include navigation, classification.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: read more

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How do the Shanghai dragon service on the nternet

analysis of the Internet now Shanghai dragon orders of stone their orders have the time, but in the Shanghai dragon WHY, A5 forum, you will find the Shanghai Longfeng service needs far more than the number of Shanghai dragon services, oversupply. And these needs Shanghai Longfeng service in the majority or peers, if you want to pick a single, it belongs to the Shanghai dragon outsourcing. Simply said, others are "Shanghai dragon foreman", and you are just ordinary "Shanghai dragon workers" natural "Shanghai dragon workers earn little. Now the Shanghai dragon dragons and fishes jumbled together industry, there are some people who are not honest, it is very difficult to let customers through the Internet channel to trust a stranger, so Shanghai dragon orders on the Internet is the biggest obstacle to integrity problems. In fact, there are problems of price standard, compared with the individual optimization company Shanghai dragon orders without what processes, on the Internet there is no way to sign the contract. Is not a network of Shanghai Longfeng orders really can not go? After analyzing the basic situation of Shanghai Longfeng orders, the discussion of how to use the Internet to do the Shanghai dragon service. A little stone according to my own experience summed up in three steps. read more

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2012 2013 algorithm to predict the trend of love Shanghai

this breadcrumb call is what do you mean, you look carefully, Google search for a keyword, a list of the website, the title is at the top of the title the following URL, is described below. Love the description of Shanghai is placed below the title, URL below. Google search is part of the weight of high standing results, called breadcrumb navigation, it can click on the URL is, some have to directly into the site list page. This point is the search engine to experience a improvement to the user. Because the search result is a land where each one should make good use of. If you call the breadcrumb navigation, it will promote the users click, increase search engine user viscosity. In the near future, love Shanghai is likely to take this way, so the webmaster do stand in, or to optimize the time, attention must be paid to the bread crumbs navigation. read more

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360 Webmaster Platform on line search webmaster early experience

it is understood that the 360 search on the line, and soon made China search engine more than 10% of the market share jumped to second, China search engine. Not long ago, 360 search open strategy, vertical search engine, access to high quality partners free application box, free certification website.

morning news that 360 search Webmaster Platform or on-line, enable two domain zhanzhang.so贵族宝贝. Morning visit the domain name, site and cannot access. Just by accident check, 360 search Webmaster Platform has access to, use the 360 account to log. read more

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Discussion optimization of aging type title

is now the era of network marketing, website follow Moore’s law, which is to enhance the breakthrough point of the user experience. To do this we can start directly from the title, the Title Optimization is no longer just a novice Er * * * Shanghai Longfeng test investigation, but the requirements of the times, in essence, rule. Do these two means you do Title Optimization program.

(please indicate the transfer:, thank you! Cherish the labor of others.

said that now is the instant noodles society, the main point is to see people save time cost. Time is money is now a true portrayal of the network marketing, who for the first time the user needs, who first won the leading right. How come? The marketing website may not allow all people to try, and we also know some consumer goods can not be used, so I will have to use the experience of the user information displayed in the title, and the experience of time, such as the 2014 XXXXX. The title of this form more suitable for the service function of website. read more

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How long is the enterprise website optimization effect of this strategy has not tried

Optimization of

enterprise website promotion, how long will it take to see the effect of this answer, there are numerous, some people say 35 months; some people say that 35 years have not seen; some people say good luck, you can see that the bad luck will in the foreseeable future…… From the construction site to the operation of the promotion, we can use a year’s time to do business website.

website update what kind of content to keep users? Not to mention the pseudo original, the earliest, and now is not, an important reason is that too many competitors, pseudo original have no new ideas, take the website construction, update the content, you are to see who?, user, boss the search engine or other. read more

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Capital vision decision gas field China’s most outstanding ten female investorsLet the ad als

theme: let the ads catch the fast

Xu Xin: today’s founding partner of the capital, President, founding partner and President of

on behalf of the project: Jingdong, NetEase, Chinese talent network, urban beauty, three squirrels, the public, public comment, affordable herbs, potato nets and other

p.m. 14:30-15:30 on July 3, 2007

2014 venture capital sector’s hottest female investors. May 22, 2014, Jingdong mall landing Nasdaq, listed on the same day, Jingdong closing price of $20.90, the market capitalization of $28 billion 600 million. Today’s capital holds 7.8% of the shares of Jingdong, according to this calculation, Xu Xin listed in the Jingdong made a big profit of $2 billion 200 million, the overall pre listing financing, today’s capital overall returns over a hundred times. With the "2014 best venture capital exit Chinese case", Xu Xin and her team of today’s capital gains in one fell swoop two major awards: 2014 Chinese best venture capitalists and venture capital institutions in 2014 Chinese best exit. Bitter wait 8 years, once the summit, can be described as: sharp eyes, "see other people have not seen", the heart is strong, "wait for others can not wait."". read more

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Ali pictures shift no competition with upstream contentCollect collate from the nternet to the mo

this also explains why the recent acquisition of Ali pictures of India’s second largest online movie ticket platform TicketNew, and not like the Amazon just staring at the line, such as Bollywood cooperation, cricket series theme homemade local people love to see. Perhaps the domestic Internet Co will converge in movies with Amazon dream on the road, but in the process to accept the market and users are more strict than previous considerations.

collects, reorganizes "from the Internet to the handset network WAP station to make money experience, an old stationmaster’s words" read more

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Do you have a long term plan to make money onlineDon’t know ten recommendations to WEB entrepreneurs

most grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan contact with a speculative, because some people have an ulterior motive touted it as if it were raining flowers to make us think through the network, eyes closed can make money. But the experience of failure and blow several times after the discovery of his understanding of Wangzhuan only fur, we too impetuous that never had the essence of rational thinking. Wangzhuan is a job, a career, we need careful planning and analysis.

branding uses these tactics. In July, the activity was reduced by $500-1000, read more

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Ding Lei fast is the entrepreneurial thinking misunderstanding too much emphasis on time window is

1 the product should be advanced, but at the same time can not be too advanced;



so I began to try out the direction of the free mailbox. At that time, there were two ideas. One was that the mailbox was bound to bring very high traffic; the other was the registered information of the mailbox, which could become the data for future e-commerce. When I finished, many people generally said that traffic alone will not have advertising revenue, e-commerce is too far away from China, you go back and think about it. read more

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