Love Shanghai to cancel the effect of referer on the Shanghai Dragon Industry

in addition, although the love Shanghai webmaster tools has been improved, but there are still many deficiencies, for example, outside the chain of tools is accurate, can see the competitor data etc.. Do you think Shanghai dragon cannot do without a lot of data, love Shanghai webmaster tools is a little slow growth. So many colleagues still used to use the home station tools, love stand tools, the love of Shanghai cancel referer keyword display. Similar to those love webmaster tools need to adjust, because the data source comes from the love of Shanghai.

Shanghai dragon often want to analyze competitors, remember since Google canceled the YAHOO chain, in English Shanghai Longfeng friends complain, no longer chain competitors the data view. Love Shanghai in terms of technology has been to follow Google, Google is already implementing HTTPS technology, Google acquisition data is much more difficult than the love of Shanghai. Now Shanghai is to love it, Shanghai dragon data after the estimate can only view their own website. At that time Shanghai dragon will become more difficult to do, because we lost a lot of valuable data, not the data analysis as the website optimization on the basis of one-sided viewpoint.

May 15th, Shanghai Webmaster Platform love news, in order to improve the network security environment, Shanghai will cancel the referer display of love. What is a referer set, do not understand the friends can go to love Shanghai. After elimination of referer will help to prevent third parties to steal traffic for keywords, Shanghai dragon industry or webmaster domain, this is not what good news. It also means "love Shanghai" the weight of the Shanghai dragon reference standard will no longer exist, like Adsense tools, love stand etc. keywords tool is also very difficult to survive.

love station, webmaster helper, search tools, many webmaster tools provide services platform and traffic statistics tools have CNZZ quantum statistics, etc.. It can also regulate the love Shanghai website traffic statistics many tools, once these third party tools fail to obtain the relevant data of the website. Then you can only install the official statistical tools to love Shanghai, love the Shanghai to promote their own webmaster tools but also be of great advantage. So webmaster friends after darling still love Shanghai using statistical tools.

estimates Shanghai dragon every day use practitioners webmaster tools, used to view the keywords ranking, the chain of Shanghai dragon data. In fact, webmaster tools data source is love Shanghai, love Shanghai is collecting relevant data search results. For example: a keyword before the three page ranking, if you love Shanghai cancel referer display, so webmaster tools it is very difficult to collect more data on the Shanghai dragon. This will give Shanghai Dragon Staff and individual owners bring a lot of inconvenience, really own website data more secure, but obviously this is a double-edged sword.

no matter how, arm the thigh, love since Shanghai has officially notified, there is no save room.