Love Shanghai new data annotation tool, with Google data marker

Structured data

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform data annotation tool, is a kind of fast structured data will be submitted to the website to love the way Shanghai. With the mouse as long as the plan selected simple, love Shanghai can quickly learn how to extract structured data from your website, and this information can show love in Shanghai in search results to the rich form, improve the image of the site and traffic.


search engine to support the standard, in order to provide a better search experience for users. To love Shanghai, Google, 360 support website structured data, micro structured data can make search engines provide richer search results in the show, let the user see important information search, your goods in the search results directly for example: name, price, inventory goods (whether the goods are goods), the score and comments. Whether these rich snippets can help users understand the site with their search related content, can make web pages get more clicks, enhance the image of the site and traffic.

love Shanghai new data annotation tool


This page marked

recently, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in order to realize the convenient website better structured data submitted, will launch a special data markup tool.

1, select the page as a typical web site, as the Shanghai love learning start page structured data extraction.


page content of a website, such as characters, events, restaurants, products, movies, software, comments, not only to the user, but also let the search engine can be identified, and the current to make the notification content specific meaning, we need to use structured data, structured data is also in order to facilitate the search engine to identify the special page content the specific standard, a specific format.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform data annotation tool

on the right side of the page lists the field description of software information in the web, hope all the information marked complete. Some right with "important" logo, these fields are necessary to the rich field, need special attention.

How to use the

2, after the completion of "continue" to create "set"

as follows, if we are to inform the "love Shanghai which part represents the software name, as long as the plan selected" love Shanghai browser "with the right key, select the name" button in the pop-up menu, and other information in a similar fashion label. Other structured data the same choice.


software download station as an example, in addition to a variety of software category list page, the main page of software download site for the software download page, contains many structured data. For example, "love Shanghai browser download page, the page containing the software name, size, update time, score, download links and other structured data. Other similar software download page, and the page contains information.