The station with the use of skills strategies

know the station may have there been a problem, what is the purpose of this do? What role? We’re here to discuss the station, I hope for those who do not understand the friends a little help.


ensure that the user experience of the website. Enterprise content after filling station, because the news information, small to update, users also can not understand the business activities. In order to enhance the user experience, can use the station to station of enterprise strategy, update, and then use the program call to the home page, to show users the latest information, it is beneficial to the user experience, so as to enhance the enterprises.

in practice how to efficiently use the station? Said the station strategy we have to refer to what is called the station? I believe master are very clear, but for those of us just started near the rookie may be a bit confused, so what is the station strategy? The station form:

master: 贵族宝贝 www.xxx贵族宝贝 sub station: 贵族宝贝 www.xxx贵族宝贝/bbs

master a directory in a website system, a base station sub station + form, called the station. For example:

? is the Shanghai Dragon The

on the optimization of the article, this article before, today to discuss the station and the station strategy, strategy in practice how to use

why/blog wordpress

can enhance the weight of a master, ensure to update the site. Small websites, especially business station news, a series of products have been released on the website, or the website is not updated with the. If a long time not to update the site, the spider will think the site is not a person to get, will let the spider to less and less, will eventually drop right on the site, in the IIS log in the emergence of a large number of 304 (unmodified), Xiao Bian here own deep experience, before a my blog is PR4, every flow is also OK, I have no tube row in March, so the PR directly relegated to the 0, almost no flow. Slowly the spider would not come to the site, this time by K is not far away. But when the use of the station’s strategy can ensure the update site, but also to ensure the site updated regularly. Continue to slowly let the spider more and more, and gradually improve the website weight.

note: the station is in the main program, adding a new program, this program can be the same as with the original or not, but this program is independent of the system, a simple example:

for example Shanghai dragon why master using dede

is the Shanghai Dragon

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